Campsite Rules

INTERNAL RULES OF THE GROUNDS of campsite(camping) OR(WHERE) CARAVANNING I. - GENERAL CONDITIONS 1. Conditions of membership and stay To be admitted penetrating, settling down or staying on a campsite, it is necessary to have been authorized by the administrator or his representative there. The latter has for obligation(bond) to watch the good behavior(performance) and the good order of the campsite as well as the respect for the application of the present internal rules. The fact of staying on the campsite implies(involves) the acceptance of the capacities(measures) of the present regulation(payment) and the commitment to conform to it. Nobody can take up residence there.2. Police formalities The minors(miners) not accompanied with their parents(relatives) will be admitted that with a written authorization of these. In application of the article R. 611-35 of the code of the entrance(entry) and the stay of the foreigners and the right of asylum, the administrator has to make fill(perform) and sign by the foreign customer, from his arrival, an individual index card(form) of police. She has to mention in particular: 1 ° The name and the first names; 2 ° The date and the place of birth; 3 ° The nationality; 4 ° The usual place of residence. The old children under age 15 can appear on the index card(form) of one of the parents(relatives).3. Installation The outdoor accommodation(hosting) and the material(equipment) relative to it must be installed(settled) in the location indicated according to the directives given by the administrator or his representative. 4. Reception Open from 9 am till 1 pm and from 3 pm till 6:30 pm from April till June and from September till October. Open from 8:30 am till 1 pm and from 3 pm till 7 pm in July and August. We shall find in the reception all the information on the services(departments) of the campsite, the information on the possibilities of provisioning, the sports facilities, the tourist wealth of neighborhood and diverse addresses which can turn out useful. A system of collection and treatment(processing) of the complaints is kept at the disposal of the customers.5. Display The present internal rules are shown in the entrance of the campsite and in the reception. He is put back to every customer who asks for it. For the classified campsites, the category of classification with the mention tourism or leisure activities and the number of locations tourism or leisure activities are shown. The prices of the various services are communicated to the customers in the conditions fixed by order of the Secretary in charge of the consumption and available for consultation in the welcome. 6. Modalities of departure The customers are invited to warn the reception of their departure from the day before this one. The customers intending to leave prematurely opening of the reception have to make the day before the payment of their stay.7. Noise and silence The customers are asked to avoid any rumours(noises) and discussions which could hamper(bother) their neighbors. Acoustic appliances must be accordingly settled(adjusted). The closures(locks) of car doors(doorwomen) and safes(chests) must be as well discreet as possible. Dogs and other animals must be never left free. They must not be left with the campsite, even locked, in the absence of their masters(teachers), who are civilly liable there. The administrator assures(insures) the tranquillity of his customers by fixing schedules during which the silence must be total.8. Visitors Having been authorized by the administrator or his representative, the visitors can be admitted in the campsite under the responsibility of the campers who receive them. The customer can receive one or several visitors in the welcome. The services and the installations of campsites are accessible to the visitors. However, the use of this equipment can be paying according to a price list which has to be the object of a display in the entrance of the campsite and in the reception. The cars of the visitors are forbidden in the campsite.9. Traffic and car park of vehicles Inside the campsite, vehicles have to run at a limited speed. The traffic is authorized of 7 hours at 10:30 pm. Can circulate in the campsite only the vehicles which belong to the campers staying there. The car park is strictly forbidden on locations usually occupied by the accommodations unless a parking space was planned for that purpose. The car park should not hinder the traffic nor prevent newcomers' installation.10. Holding(dress) and aspect of the installations Each has to refrain(abstain) from any action(share) which could damage the cleanliness, the hygiene and the aspect of the campsite and its installations, in particular sanitary. It is forbidden to throw(cast) waste water on the ground or in gutters. The customers have to empty waste water in the installations planned for that purpose. Household waste, waste of all kinds, papers, must be put down(deposited) in trash cans. The wash is strictly forbidden except tubs(ferries,high school diplomas) planned in this use(custom). The clothesline of the linen will be made, where necessary, in the common hairdryer. However, he(it) is tolerated till 10 hours near the accommodations(hostings), on condition that he(it) is discreet and does not hamper(bother) the neighbors. He will never have to be made from trees.Plantations and flower arrangings must be respected. It is forbidden to crash nails in trees, to cut branches, to make plantations. It is not allowed to bound the location of an installation by average staffs, nor to dig(accentuate) the ground. Any repair of degradation appointed to the vegetation, to the fences(closes), to the ground or to the installations of the campsite will be chargeable to his(her) author. The location which will have been used during the stay must be maintained in the state in which the camper found him(it) in his entrance(entry) to places.11. Safety(security) A) Fire. The open fires(lights) (wood, coal, etc.) are strictly forbidden. Stoves must be maintained in good working order and not be used in dangerous conditions. In case of fire, inform immediately the direction(management). Fire extinguishers are usable in case of necessity. A first-aid kit of first urgency is in the reception.B) Flight(theft). The direction(management) is responsible for objects put down(deposited) to the office(desk) and has a general obligation(bond) of surveillance(supervision) of the campsite. The camper keeps(guards) the responsibility of his own installation and has to indicate to the person in charge the presence of every suspect(suspicious) person. The customers are invited to take the usual precautions for the protection(saving) of their material(equipment)12. Games(sets) No violent or annoying game(set,play) can be organized near the installations. The meeting room cannot be used for the animated games(sets). The children always have to be under the supervision of their parents(relatives).13. Dead garage He can be left by material(equipment) not occupied on the ground, that after agreement of the direction(management) and only in the indicated location. This service(performance) can be paying. 14. Breach of the internal rules In case a resident would disrupt(perturb) the stay of the other users or would not respect the capacities(measures) of the present internal rules, the administrator, or his(her) representative, will can orally or in writing, if he considers it necessary, to give a formal notice the latter to stop the disorders(confusions). In the event of infringement grave or repeated to the internal rules and after formal demand by the administrator to conform to it, this one can cancel the contract. In the event of infringement penal, the administrator can call on(appeal) to law enforcement.II. - PARTICULAR CONDITIONS 1. Swimming pool The swimming pool is exclusively reserved for the customers staying at the campsite(camping). The visitors are not authorized to bathe for a question of safety(security) and insurance(assurance). The swimming pool is not watched, the access to this one is forbidden the not accompanied children; the children always stay under the responsibility of parents(relatives) or of an adult. The depth of the swimming pool is of 1m30 on the first part of the big pond and 1m60 on the second part of the big pond. Before penetrating within the swimming pool, there is good reason reading the posted(shown) regulation(payment) and applying the instructions(deposits) of hygiene and safety(security).2. Noise and silence The silence must be total between 12 pm and 07 am. 3. Traffic(circulation) and car park of vehicles The traffic(circulation) is authorized from 7 am till 10:30 pm. For the safety(security), you have to go at a walking pace ( 10Km / H ). Do not block(surround) the traffic(circulation) and avoid any annoying car park. Do not park in front of the barrier, nor in front of the reception.II - In N N E X E MENTIONS(GRADES) THAT MUST APPEAR IN THE NOTE OF INFORMATION PUT BACK(HANDED) TO the CUSTOMERS WHO RENT(PRAISE) A LOCATION IN THE YEAR FOR THE INSTALLATION OF A MOBILE RESIDENCE OF LEISURE ACTIVITIES, BEFORE THE SIGNATURE OF the RENTAL AGREEMENT A note of information is systematically handed by the developer to the customers wishing to rent(praise) a location in the year before the signature of the rental agreement. They give evidence to have acquainted with it. The customers renting(praising) a location in the year within the framework of a contract of the renewable year cannot take up residence in the campsite or the residential park of leisure activities. The note of information has to specify the following information, before the conclusion of the rental agreement: On the contents of the contract Number SIRET, period of opening, the number and the surface of the rented location specifying the arrangement of the accommodation of leisure activities on the rented location and the conditions of renewal including the conditions of compensation in case of non-renewal of the contract at the initiative of the administrator, if the owner participated at the expense of installation of his accommodation. Identification of the owner of the accommodation (name, place of residence ...) and people admitted staying on the location, the type of mobile residence of leisure activities: mark, model, color, dates of manufacture and of acquisition, surface and maximal capacity (in number of people), identification of the supplier of the mobile residence of leisure activities (name, company name, address, conditions of guarantee and responsibility).On the dilapidation The dilapidation of a mobile residence of leisure activities appreciates on the basis of an established description contradictorily between the renter of the location and the owner of the accommodation. This description reveals the following information: internal and outside state of the mobile residence of leisure activities, the outside esthetic aspect, the general state of the frame, the state of mobility, the security and environmental aspect, the complementary equipment (where necessary, to determine with the administrator).Diverse points The tenant has to have an insurance(assurance) covering his mobile residence of leisure activities (in particular against the flight(theft), the fire or the explosion as well as the civil liability). The developer of the ground will inform the tenant of: - The limitation of the number of people on the location; - The conditions of use of the garden shed.The developer and the tenant agree on the possible conditions of subletting of the mobile residence of leisure activities. In case of sale of the mobile residence of leisure activities by the administrator, he can have suited that the owner of the outdoor accommodation(hosting) pays the administrator by a committee(commission) of an amount fixed beforehand by mutual agreement corresponding to the effective coverage(care) of the visits and the marketing of the aforementioned accommodation(hosting). On the modification of the internal rules Where necessary, the note has to inform the customer at least six months before the effective date of the substantial modifications of the internal rules. Compulsory reminder(abseiling) of the regulations applicable to the installation of the outdoor accommodations(hostings) A) Definition of the mobile residence of leisure activities: The mobile residences of leisure activities are livable ground vehicles, intended for a temporary or seasonal activity(occupation) with use(custom) of leisure activities, which keep(preserve) ways(means) of mobility allowing them to be moved by drive but which the traffic rules forbids to make circulate (article R.* 111-33 of the planning laws). B) Rules(rulers) of installation of the mobile residence of leisure activities: According to the article R. 111-34 of the planning laws, the installation of the mobile residences of leisure activities is authorized only on the following fitted out grounds: - The regularly created campsites - The residential parks of leisure activities; - Vacation villages classified in light accommodation(hosting) in the sense(direction) of the code of the tourism (art. D. 325-3-3 of the code of the tourism). They cannot be installed(settled) on private grounds. In application of the article R. 111-34-1 of the planning laws, the mobile residences of leisure activities cannot be installed(settled) on a location having been the object of a transfer in full property, a transfer of social rights giving vocation to its allocation(attribution) in property or in enjoyment or of a rent for duration two-year-old superior, situated inside a ground of campsite(camping), a vacation village or a family house. The mobile residences of leisure activities can be stored, with the aim of their next use, on grounds allocated to the collective garage of caravans and mobile residences of leisure activities, parking areas were opened to the public and the deposits(warehouses) of vehicles (art. R. 111-35 of the planning laws). The text complete and updated by the quoted capacities(measures) is available for consultation on the site to


CAMPSITE(CAMPING) THE PINES OF the SUN - Route Quarries - 40990 SAINT-PAUL THE DAX Phone. 33 ( 0 ) 5 58 91 37 91 - e-mail: - SARL(LIMITED COMPANY) with a capital of 60 000 € - RCS Dax 381 164 839 N management 91 B 60 GENERAL CONDITIONS OF RESERVATION 2014 RENTS AND LOCATIONS Reservation rents and locations: any rent being name specific, her can be given up(sold) on no account or sublet. The reservation can be taken into account only after signature of the rental agreement, the payment of a deposit(advance) of 25 % of the amount of the stay (deducted from the global invoice), payment of set-up fees and insurance(assurance) cancellation in case of subscription. The whole is to be sent to the campsite(camping). The balance of the stay is to be settled(adjusted) entirely at the latest one month before Date of arrival for chalets, residences, mobil homes and bungalow. For any occurring(speaking) reservation less than a month before the date of arrival, the total regulation(payment) of the rent is due. As regards a location, the balance will be settled(adjusted) the day of the arrival. The reservation becomes effective only after our written confirmation, from reception of the contract and after the regulation(payment).The amount of the stay will be calculated according to dates mentioned on the rental agreement: no reduction will be granted for any early departure and for a delay about which we would have been informed. The nonpayment of the balance on the agreed date will pull by rights the nullity of the contract without preliminary formal demand.Arrived departures: the rents are made from Saturday till Saturday. They are available from 16 hours and until 20 hours. The rent will have to be freed on Saturdays before 10 am. Upon your arrival you will have to check the inventory of the rented good and inform us of any anomaly noticed within 24 hours (inventory or deterioration of the rented good). After this deadline, he notCan more be kept there account. A 275-€ deposit is asked on arrival and restored at first, deduction paid out a lot of money possibly of deterioration and cleaning, according to the left current situation. The cleaning of the rented good is chargeable to the tenant. At the end of stay, he must be restored in perfect condition by cleanliness. Otherwise, a minimumOf 50 € will be held(retained). In case of departure out of hours of the reception, the deposit will be restored by mail. As regards locations, the arrivals are made every day from 15 hours and till 20 hours and the departures in the morning at maximum 11 am.A 25-€ pledge is asked in the beginning of stay, for the breaking or the loss of the badge(swipe card) of the barrier of entrance(entry) of the campsite(camping). The pledge will be restored at the end of stay, deduction made possibly by the cost of the missing or damaged material(equipment). In case of departure out of hours of the reception, the pledge will be restored by mail.Minors: the minor people can make a stay on the condition of being accompanied by a major person, of being provided with a parental consent and of having made signed the booking contract by one of the parents or the legal person in charge (photocopy of the ID card of one of the parents or the legal person in charge asked).Animals: animals must be tattooed, inoculated and kept on a lead necessarily, possess a vaccination certificate up to date and declared to the reception. Make sure that their excrement is collected. The access of the dogs of 1st and 2eme categories is forbidden the campsite(camping).Delay/Cancellation/Compensations: if you have to delay your arrival or cancel your stay, thank you for us to inform about it as soon as possible and in writing. If the information did not reach us, we shall have the location from the next day 12 hours and can attribute him to another customer. The complete payment of the services remains required as Damages, no refund(repayment) will be made. For any cancellation because of the administrator of the campsite(camping) (except case of absolute necessity), all the paid(poured) sums shall be entirely paid off. Cooling-off period: by virtue of the article L.121-20-4 of the code of the consumption, all the services(departments) and the services(performances)Proposed on this site, is not subjected(submitted) to the right to withdraw planned to articles L. 121-20 and following ones of the code of the consumption. As a consequence(accordingly), the services of accommodation(hosting) and leisure activities commanded(ordered) on the site are exclusively subjected(submitted) in the conditions of cancellation below.Cancellation because of the customer: in every case, a 30-€ lump sum will be held(retained) to you. You will remain to owe us 20 % of the rent in case of event arising between the date of reservation and the 30th day before the date planned by arrival or 100 % of the rent in case of arising event less than 30 days before the date of arrival.Cancellation because of the campsite(camping): for any cancellation because of the administrator of the campsite(camping) (except case of absolute necessity), all the paid(poured) sums shall be entirely paid off. Insurance(Assurance) cancellation / interruption of stays and insurance(assurance):Has / Rent mobile home: for any stay cancelled more than 30 days before the date of arrival, all of the paid(poured) sums will remain acquired in the campsite(camping). For any stay cancelled in the previous 30 days the date of arrival, however some reasons it is, all of the amount of the reserved stay will be indebted and will remain acquired in the campsite(camping).B/Rent naked location: Pout any cancelled stay, consommé, the deposit and set-up fees will remain acquired in the campsite. It is recommended to sign an insurance cancellation.- The insurance premium must be entirely paid to the reservation of the stay and is not refundable. - In case of disaster, you have to inform the company in the next 5 days the disaster. - The general conditions of cancellation complete and the procedure in case of cancellation are available on the web site:Https: // - The insurance(assurance) cancellation and interruption of stay pays off the entire sums paid(poured) before the arrival to the stay and the amount of the stay not used in the pro failed temporis in case of premature return.- No refund will be made if the insurance cancellation is not signed. Internal rules: the fact of staying in the campsite involves the acceptance of the capacities of the internal rules and the commitment to conform to it. The internal rules are available on simple request.Right in the image: during your stay on the campsite(camping), you may be photographed or filmed for the conception(design) of promotional leaflets or for our web site, unless you indicate your opposition to these practices, in writing upon your arrival to the welcome(reception).

Privacy Statement

No refund can be made for a cancellation of stay except underwriting cancellation insurance, camp covered, subscribed when booking the campsite. This cancellation insurance costs 2.7% of the booking amount. In the event of a cancellation, camp couvert will take care of your cancellation file by contacting them directly. For all additional tents, to the extent of 6 people per location or rental , the fare is per person.The additional vehicle is only allowed if space is sufficient, to park this vehicle. Dogs are obligatorily kept on a leash, as well on the place as for a walk. Collective barbecue allowed only in the places envisaged for this purpose. This refer to the rules of procedure for all the general conditions of the campsite.

Cancellation conditions

Days to arrival Proportion (amount or percentage) of the total cost of the holiday to be paid
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