Village de la Guyonnière – 85150 Saint Julien des Landes – – GENERAL TERMS OF SALES: THE RESERVATION WILL BE CONFIRMED: - IF APPROVED BY THE DIRECTION ( WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY RESERVATION) - AFTER TERMS OF SALES ACCEPTATION - AFTER RECEIPT OF YOUR FIRST PAYMENT (A 30% OF THE TOTAL PRICE AS WELL AS 20€ ADMINISTRATION FEES AND THE OPTIONAL CANCELLATION INSURANCE IS REQUIRED) • Are considered as contractual: information initially given in your reservation. • Your booking acceptation depends only of the campsite, we reserve the right to refuse any reservation. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. • Confirmation is given on condition that you accept the rules of the campsite. All holiday makers will have to comply with these rules. Rentals are allocated to people member of the same family (parents + children+ grandparents). • Pitches and accommodations are rented by name (to the person who booked them), meaning that you can’t sublet to another family without the express agreement of the campsite direction. • If the number of persons on site doesn’t correspond to the initial booking, and after the direction agreement, we will apply a supplement of 12€/pers./night for the additional persons. When the maximum capacity of the rental is not respected, we will refuse the access to the family. (The maximum number of person per accommodation is indicated on our website and brochure.) • If for any reason, you will arrive later or have to shorten you stay, you won’t receive a refunding. We will charge the full amount, it still remains to the campsite. Only the subscription to the cancellation insurance will justify the refunding of a part or the totality of your stay, depending of your cancellation reason. RENTALS: • Our rentals are fully equipped, including: crockery, garden set (table and chairs), microwave, blankets, pillows etc…. Bed linen and towels are not included (you can rent it on spot). Are equipped with a TV: The Safari Lodge VIP, Family Zen, Family prestige VIP and Chalets. • Animals are not allowed in our rental accommodation. • For the mobile home, chalet or glamping accommodation, we won’t ask you a deposit. However during your check-in, you will receive a note stipulating that your departure day, the rental has to be left clean and tidy, in a good condition. Your key has to be left at the reception. We are counting on you for your honesty, thank you for your comprehension. • The day of your arrival (agreed in your reservation), you can’t claim the check in before 4.00 pm. An early arrival (before 4.00pm) means that you probably won’t be able to occupy your rental (except with the agreement of the campsite direction). • In case of a late arrival, please inform us. Reception desk is open till 6.00 pm during low season and 8.00 pm during high season. Passed this time, you will get information at the bar. If you arrive later than 10 p.m., you cannot drive your vehicle on to the campsite.  You will have to vacate your rental imperatively before 10.00 a.m. the day of your departure. Departure after 10.00 am will be charged as an extra night. PITCHES : • The cost base includes 2 persons, electricity 10A, 1 vehicle, 1 tent, caravan or motorhome. You can reach (access) your pitch from 2.00pm the day of your arrival. • In case of a late arrival, please inform us. Reception desk is open till 6.00 pm during low season and 8.00 pm during high season. Passed this time, you will get information at the bar. If you arrive later than 10 p.m., you cannot drive your vehicle on to the campsite and will have to spend the night on the car park (at your disposal, an electric hook up). The gate open at 8.00 am the next day. • Dogs are allowed on pitches, but MUST be kept on a lead. Their health record and certificate of vaccination must be provided. • During high season (July and August), a minimum of five nights on a pitch must be booked. • The last day (agreed in your booking) if you depart after 12.00, we will charge you an additional night. • We keep bookings during 24 hours following your expected arrival date. Passed this delay, and without any news from the client, the reservation will be automatically canceled and the amount (sum) paid remains to the campsite. • The definitive allocation is assigned by the campsite and will be known at your arrival. In order to optimize our schedule, we reserve the right to change your site number, keeping your preferences in mind. • Some mistakes could be founded in our brochure (never know). Please verify prices when you book. Only prices on your detailed bill are contractual. Village de la Guyonnière – 85150 Saint Julien des Landes – – PAYMENT TERMS : Your stay has to be paid as follow: • At the reservation We require a first payment corresponding to: a 30% of the total amount of your stay as well as 20€ administration fees and the optional cancellation insurance. • Balance • For RENTALS : the balance of your stay has to be paid at least one month before your arrival. To do so, you will receive an automatic e-mail. You may proceed : By Credit Card : On our website :, on the booking page, in the bloc : “Find your reservation” enter your Name and Reservation number O2014…, then you have to enter the amount and your credit card details. By phone: +33 (0)2 51 46 62 59 By Bank transfer : CIC Ouest : IBAN : FR7630047142750004160870157 , BIC : CMCIFRPP • For PITCHES, the balance will have to be paid directly on spot, within 48 hours after your arrival. The tourist tax has to be paid to the campsite (0.61€/pers 18 and more/night) at arrival. CANCELLATION INSURANCE 3€/night for rentals and 1.5€/night for pitches (optional) Has to be paid with the deposit when booking. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE "CANCELLATION GUARANTEE" This guarantee will take effect as soon as the reservation is confirmed, and general terms and conditions accepted. It ends at midnight the day before the first day of the holiday. Subject to compliance with contractual obligations, this guarantee allows you be reimbursed for amounts paid if your holiday needs to be cancelled for one of the following reasons: 1. A serious illness, a bodily injury or the death of:  you, your spouse or common-law partner, your parents or your children, your guardian  your brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, fathers-in-law-, mothers-in-law, By serious illness or serious bodily injury is meant any temporary or permanent damage to your physical state, which has been medically diagnosed and prevents you from carrying out any activity, professional or otherwise. 2. Pregnancy complications 3. Serious prejudice requiring your presence on the planned departure date and following a burglary, a fire or damage caused by water or natural elements affecting your primary residence or your working premises, when 50% of said premises have been destroyed (Proof from insurer to be provided). 4. Redundancy of you or your partner, provided that the procedure had not already been initiated before the holiday was booked. All these grounds for cancellation must be disclosed by registered mail, along with all the necessary documents establishing the facts (assessor’s report, police report, summons, medical or death certificate...) as soon as it occurs and no later than 3 working days following the accident or occurrence. THE MAIN EXCLUSIONS  After-effects, consequences, complications or worsening of an illness or accident which happened before the signing of the contract.  Pregnancy, abortion, childbirth and its normal consequences.  Drug addiction, alcoholism and their consequences  Psychological, mental or nervous illnesses which does not result in hospitalisation for longer than 7 days.  Your intentional deeds  Accident resulting from the participation, in a professional capacity, in any sport or competition, as well as any training  Accidents resulting from the practice, as an amateur and at any level, of the following sports: - motor sports (car, motorbike, any motor vehicle), aerial sports  Epidemics, pollution, natural disasters covered by the Law N-82.600 of 13 July 1982  War or civil war, riots, national movements, strikes, terrorist acts, exposure to radioactivity. IMPORTANT : The owners and employees of the Village de la Guyonniere cannot be held responsible for lost objects, accident or damage.

Cancellation conditions

Days to arrival Proportion (amount or percentage) of the total cost of the holiday to be paid
+30 30%
30 100%