Campsite Rules

CAMPSITE REGULATIONS 1. GENERAL CONDITIONS 1. CONDITIONS OF ADMISSION No admission or setting on a campsite is allowed without the authorization of the camp manager or the person responsible for the reception office. Campmanager must maintain order and discipline in the camp. It is his duty to penalize the persons who break the rules and to turn them out. When you are staying on the « Yelloh! Saint Emilion »Camping it means that you are willing to accept the present regulations and that you will comply with. Any offence of these rules may lead to expulsion of the offender, by police force if necessary. 2. POLICE FORMALITIES Every person staying at least one night on the campsite must show his identity papers at the reception desk and carry out the police formalities. Minors between 16 and 18 years old are allowed to stay in the campsite without any responsible adult only if they present a written authorization signed by their parents. 3. OCCUPATION OF THE SPACES The tent or caravan and other camping equipment must be put at the place indicated by the campmanager. It will be delivered a plaque with the plot number written on it, which will have to be hung up visibly on the equipment and brought back at the reception desk at the departure. The plot must be kept tidy and clean. 4. RECEPTION OFFICE At the reception office all information will be provided about campfacilities, possibilities of foodstuff on the spot, sportgrounds and outdoor games, interesting sightseeing and useful addresses. Any comments are welcome: Do not hesitate to convey your suggestions / complaints to the reception. 5. CHARGES Charges are to be paid at the reception office. The amount is fixed according to the prices annexed. They are payable according to the number of nights spent on the site. When the campers intend to leave the camp, they are asked to inform the reception office the day before their departure. If the campers want to leave before the reception office is open, they must pay their charges the day before. 6. NOISE AND SILENCE Campers are asked to avoid noise and discussion which may disturb their neighbours, and to turn down radio transistors, tape or cassetterecorders. Please close cardoors and boots quietly. Dogs and other animals are only allowed in if on a lead. They cannot be left in the camp even locked in, when their masters who are responsible are away. The toilet-blocks are strictly forbidden to the pets. Complete silence between 10:00 p.m. and 7 :00 a.m. 7. VISITORS Visitors are allowed but their hosts are responsible for them. They must ask at the reception office the authorization to get in, indicating who they are visiting. In case of not, their hosts will have to pay the charges for them, from the beginning of their own stay. The tariffs are indicated at the entrance of the campsite and in the reception office. In any case the visitors will not be allowed to drive in the campsite with their cars. 8. CAR TRAFFIC AND PARKING Inside the camp the speed limit is 10 k.p.h. Campers can drive inside the campsite only on arrival and departure days. Parking must not hamper the traffic or the arrival of other campers. 9. THE KEEPING AND LOOK OF THE CAMP EQUIPMENT Do respect the tidiness and the hygiene of the camp. Every camper must have a correct appearance. Don’t throw dirty water on the ground or in the gutters. The caravaners must throw their sullage away at the appropriate places. Put household refuse other waste and filthy papers into the refuse bens. No washing is allowed outside the appropriate sinks. Do take care of trees, plants and flowers. A camper is not allowed to drive nails into the trees, to cut branches or to plant. Do not mark off plots yourself. DO NOT DIG INTO THE GROUND. All damage done to the plants, the fences, the site or the camp installations must be paid by the offender. In case of this damage is done by children, parents are responsible. The pitch will have to be left as clean as it was on arrival. 10. SECURITY a) Fire Open fires are prohibited. No barbecues except in the area equipped for that purpose. Cooking apparatus must be in excellent condition. Fire extinguishers are at everybody’s disposal. In case of fire, inform the campmanager immediately. A first aid outfit is available at the reception office. b) Theft The campmanagement is only responsible for articles committed to the care of the reception office safes. Please inform the campmanager of the presence of any suspect person. Though the camping is guarded, the campers are asked to take care of their belonging. c) Epidemic No one can stay in the campsite if suffering from a contagious illness. He will have to be evacuated immediately. 11. GAMES No rough or disturbing games are allowed near the camping installations. Games are forbidden between 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. As games are not watched, the campmanager is not responsible for any accident. 12. UNOCCUPIED TENTS AND CARAVANS Unoccupied tents or caravans shouldn’t be left on the camping site without approval of the manager and only on the space indicated. The campmanager is not responsible for this equipment when the camper is away. 13. PHONE Call boxes are available for the campers. 14. DISPLAY These regulations are displayed at the entrance of the campsite and in the reception office. They will be given to the campers on request. 15. INFRACTION OF CAMPSITE REGULATIONS Should a camper disturb the stay of the neighbourhood or not respect these regulations, the camp manager can order him to stop. In case of penal offence, the camp manager can resort to the police force. 2. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FIRE In order to preserve the forest, yourself and other people: - Do not light wood or coal fire. It is forbidden to barbecue. - in case of suspicious smoke, warn immediately the firemen for help (tel. 112 or 18) - in case of beginning of fire, attack the seat of the fire by means of the fire-extinguishers at your disposal - warn the reception and emergency services (tel. 112 or 18) EVACUATION - the order of evacuation of the campsite will be given by the campsite manager - follow the instructions given by staff members identifiable by the T-shirt « Yelloh ! Saint Emilion » - follow the emergency exit signs - keep the access ways free for the emergency services - do not use your vehicle without being invited


GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE In order to be eligible to use the services provided by Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion, we request that you read the following general conditions carefully. These conditions govern the sale of holidays and take effect from the moment your booking is placed. By booking a holiday, you agree to fully comply with our general conditions. BOOKING CONDITIONS The reservation becomes effective solely with the agreement of Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion, upon receipt of the deposit and either upon receipt of the booking contract duly completed and signed, or upon your agreeing to the general conditions of sale when booking online. Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion is not bound by bookings unless Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion has accepted them. Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion is free to accept or refuse bookings, depending on availability and, in general, depending on any circumstances that are likely to be prejudicial to the execution of the booking made. Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion offers family holidays, in the traditional sense, and the accommodation has been specially designed for this purpose. Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion reserves the right to refuse any booking that might contravene or attempt to pervert this principle. Booking of camping pitches or rented accommodation is made strictly on a personal basis. Under no circumstances may you sub-let or transfer your reservation without the prior consent of the Village. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. CAMPING PITCHES The basic package includes the pitch for the tent, caravan or camper van for one or two people, access to the toilet blocks and to the residential facilities. RENTING The rental accommodation is fully equipped. The basic package ranges from 2 to 6 places. Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion reserves the right to refuse access to the village to groups or families whose number exceeds the capacity of the accommodation rented. BOOKING FEES Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion does not charge a booking fee for rental accommodation and pitches. GROUP BOOKINGS All bookings made for more than 4 accommodation units by one person or made by different people who know each other and who are travelling together for the same reasons and for the same holiday dates, are deemed to be group bookings. Accommodation appearing on the commercial Yelloh! Village and Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion website are intended exclusively for individual bookings. For all group booking requests, you must contact Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion by telephone, email or via the Contact Us section. Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion reserves the right to examine booking requests before accepting or declining them. PRICES AND TOURIST TAX Prices shown are effective for the 2017 season. They correspond to one night and are quoted in euros, including VAT. The tourist tax in 2016: €0.61/ per person over 18 and per day. CONDITIONS OF PAYMENT For bookings made more than 30 days before the start of the holiday, the deposit of 25% of the total price of the facilities booked must be paid at the time of booking. The balance must be paid to the Village no later than 30 days before the start of a holiday. For bookings made less than 30 days before the holiday start date, payment must be made in full at the time of booking. METHODS OF PAYMENT • Credit card (international VISACARD or EUROCARD-MASTERCARD) • Bank transfer CANCELLATION AND ALTERATIONS 1. BOOKING ALTERATIONS Alterations to your booking may be made at no cost, subject to availability In the absence of any notification from you regarding a change of arrival date, the accommodation will be made available for sale again 24 hours after the arrival date specified in the contract and you will consequently forfeit your booking. 2. UNUSED FACILITIES Any stay that is interrupted or cut short (late arrival, early departure) by you shall not give rise to any reimbursement. 3. CANCELLATION BY YELLOH! VILLAGE – SAINT EMILION In the event of cancellation by Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion, except in the case of force majeure, the stay will be reimbursed in full. This cancellation shall not however incur the payment of damages and interest. 4. CANCELLATION DUE TO CAMPER Any cancellation of reservation must be made in writing and is subject to the following conditions: - Received at least 30 days before the scheduled date of arrival: 25% of the cost of the stay will be retained by Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion - Received less than 30 days before the scheduled date of arrival: the total cost of the stay will be retained by Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion Cancellation fees may be covered by the cancellation policy available from Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion at a cost of: - €15 including taxes per booking for a camping pitch - €3 including taxes per night for a rental unit booking. No refunds will be made without subscription to this policy or without cancellation insurance. The insurance company provides complete conditions concerning the extension, terms and limitations of the guaranties upon request YOUR STAY 1. ARRIVAL Camping pitches will be available from 12 noon on the date of arrival and should be released before 12 noon on the date of departure. Bookings can be made from any day to any day and the minimum booking is for 3 nights from 08/07/17 to 02/09/17. Maximum capacity of pitches: 6 persons. Rented accommodation will be available from 5.00 pm on the day of arrival and should be released before 10.00 am on the day of departure. Arrivals and departures can take place any day, and the minimum booking is for 2 nights from 28/04/17 to 07/07/17 and from 03/09/17 to 25/09/17; 7 nights 08/07/17 to 02/09/17. For every stay a security deposit will be required (€200) 2. DURING YOUR STAY It is up to campers to ensure they have insurance cover: campers are responsible for looking after their personal belongings (bicycles etc.). Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion shall in no event be held liable in case of an incident involving campers’ civil liability. All visitors must comply with the provisions of the internal regulations. Each named tenant is responsible for disturbances and nuisance caused by persons staying with or visiting them. For reasons of security, it is imperative that visitors register at reception and pay a fee on arrival, before visiting a resident. The Management reserves the right not to allow persons who have not booked to enter the campsite. 3. DEPARTURE Rental accommodation: on the day of departure specified in your contract, the rental accommodation must be vacated by 10 a.m. The accommodation shall be left perfectly clean and the inventory may be checked. Any breakage or damage shall be payable by you along with any repairs to the premises, if that should prove necessary. At the end of your stay, the deposit shall be refunded to you after deduction of compensation retained, on production of the supporting invoices, against possible damage ascertained during the departure inventory. The retention of the deposit does not preclude additional compensation in the event of the expenses being greater than the amount of the deposit. Rental accommodation: in the event of the accommodation not having been cleaned before your departure, a fixed cleaning charge of at least €70 including taxes shall be invoiced to you. For any delayed departure, you may be charged for an additional day at the price applicable for that night. PETS Pets - apart from Class 1 and Class 2 dangerous dogs – are permitted in Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion for a supplement payable at the time of booking. They must be kept on a lead at all times. They are prohibited from swimming pool areas, in food shops and in buildings. Dogs’ and cats’ vaccination certificates must be up-to-date. DISPUTES Any potential complaint concerning non-compliance of facilities with regard to contractual obligations must be notified in writing (recorded delivery) to the management of Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion or to Yelloh! Village, within 30 days of the end of the stay. YELLOH! VILLAGE – SAINT EMILION ‘S RESPONSIBILITY The client acknowledges that Yelloh! Village and Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion may not be held responsible for any false information supplied by its partners or by any third party that might be specified in the Yelloh! Village and/or Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion brochure or on their website, concerning the residential premises, and particularly its photographs, descriptions, activities, leisure activities, services and dates of operation. All photographs and text used in the brochure or in the Yelloh! Village and Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion websites do not form part of any contractual obligation. They are for information purposes only. Certain activities and facilities offered by Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion and specified in the brochure description may be cancelled, particularly as a result to weather conditions or for reasons of force majeure, as defined by French law. DATA-PROCESSING AND LIBERTIES The information you provide us with at the time of your booking will not be transmitted to any third party. Yelloh! Village and Yelloh! Village – Saint Emilion shall treat this information as confidential. It shall be used solely by the Yelloh! Village internal services for processing your booking and to reinforce and personalize communication and the services offered to Yelloh! Village clients concerning your centers of interest. In accordance with the data-processing and liberties law of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, amend and change personal data relating to you. To do this, simply write to us at the following address, stating your full name and address: Yelloh ! Village - Saint Emilion - 2 lieu dit Les Combes -33330 SAINT EMILION – France Tel. +33 (0) 557 247 580 - Fax. +33 (0) 557 246 968 –

Privacy Statement

Processing personal details can have a serious impact on the confidentiality of individuals, as this information may contain sensitive personal information. This so called sensitive personal information concerns all aspects such as religion, lifestyle, race, political beliefs, sexual preferences and membership of unions, associations or professional bodies. ACSI Holding BV has no implicit intention to either record or process these details. Visitors to sites operated by ACSI Holding BV have the right to privacy and the protection of any personal details which have been submitted. Whether you have ordered a camp site guide or booked a camping holiday, your personal details will be treated in the strictest confidence. ACSI gives this highest priority by registering with the Data Protection Act in the Netherlands. The main condition for an organisation registered under this act concerns the refusal to divulge personal details to third parties. ACSI has fulfilled the registration requirements of the Data Protection Act of the Netherlands (‘Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens’) and has been registered under reference number m1205261 with the Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) in The Hague.

Cancellation conditions

Days to arrival Proportion (amount or percentage) of the total cost of the holiday to be paid
+30 25%
30 100%