Campsite Rules

Camping Adriatico Rules These rules are provided on request upon arrival. They are displayed in the Reception and inside the Camping Adriatico and may also be viewed on website . Entry into the Campsite presupposes the full acceptance of such rules. The management reserves the right to change such rules, timetables and all else necessary at any time and at its own undisputable judgement. CHECK-IN Upon arrival, Guests are required to present a valid identity document for legal registration. Please check that registration is correct and corresponds to the type of equipment and number of people. The Management reserves the right, at its own undisputable judgement, not to accept undesired people or larger numbers of people than it is able to accommodate. DAILY VISITS Daily visitors may access the campsite only on foot, between 8 am and 10 pm, after leaving at the Reception an identity document and paying the “daily visitors” rate (after 2 visiting hours). REGISTRATION OF PERSONS AND PITCH ASSIGNMENT In the campsite the camping pitch is assigned by the appointed personnel. The pitch is numbered and delimited by an ideal boundary line traced by trees or boundary posts. Such boundary must not be closed off by nets, barriers, sheet or posts. Access to the camping pitch must be kept free for the camping staff to clean and cut the grass; it must not in any way be closed off by a gate. Free and convenient access must also be ensured to the energy columns for the supply of electricity. The equipment must be located in the delimited spaces. Cars must always be parked within the limits of the pitches. On request, and when considered possible by the Management, and for a period restricted to a few days, the installation may be allowed on the pitch of a second camping means (small-size Canadian type tent or igloo) following express waiver of the car-parking area, where allowed. Any change of camping pitch must be approved by the Management. VEHICLE TRAFFIC For the peace and quiet of campers, and during the hours in which circulation is allowed, please drive at a speed of less than 10km/hour. Traffic circulation is forbidden from 12 midnight until 7 am and from 2 pm to 3.30 pm. Motorcyclists must identify themselves before entering the campsite. CARS Only one car is allowed to park inside each single camping pitch and only where tents and caravans are located (in the pitches where motor homes are parked, cars are not allowed). The entry of a second car is only allowed for loading and unloading operations. MINORS Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied and must stay with their parents or persons having jurisdiction, who are responsible for ensuring that the campsite rules are complied with. Adults must make sure that the conduct of their children does not disturb the other guests. Young children must always be accompanied to the toilet or swimming pool by an adult. The Management disclaims all liability. MAINTAINING SILENCE From 2 pm to 3.30 pm and from 12 midnight until 7 am, making noises that could disturb the other guests is forbidden. So as not to disturb the rest of nearby persons, the following are forbidden: erecting or taking down tents, using radio or TV sets with very high volume. Causing disturbance and playing noisy games is also forbidden. The Management of Camping Adriatico reserves the right to promptly expel Guests who, according to its own undisputable judgement, disturb the peace and quiet of other guests or break the above rules. LOOKING AFTER THE GREENERY Damaging plants and flowers, walking over flower beds and digging holes in the pitch is strictly forbidden as is anchoring sheets or sun sails directly to trees using ropes or wire of any kind. Erecting structures of any kind is forbidden. Changing the condition of the land surface is forbidden, as is pouring any type of liquid on plants or down drains. CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Washbasins and sinks must be used in accordance with instructions. Clothes and dishes must only be washed in dedicated areas. Chemical toilets must be emptied in the specific drains located next to the toilets. Pouring any liquids down road drains is strictly forbidden, as is throwing paper, cigarette ends and chewing gum onto the ground. The Management reserves the right to carry out maintenance jobs and technical inspections inside Mobile Homes and Studio Units, including when guests are not in residence. ELECTRICITY SUPPLY The supply of electricity to the pitches is 6 Ampere and is calculated on the basis of the consumption of low-input appliances. The electricity connection point is only provided to guests in possession of EEC standard cable and plug. The electricity supply to Mobile Homes and Studio Units is 10 Ampere. USE OF COMMON AREAS The use of common areas such as swimming pools, play areas and games rooms is subject to the specific notices affixed in such areas. Playing football, boules and volleyball, or other sports inside the Campsite is forbidden. PETS One pet per crew is allowed in the campsite (except Mobile Homes and Studio Units, Lodge Tents). This refers to small dogs and breeds not considered dangerous and after they have been reported to the Management. Such animals must have been vaccinated and must be constantly kept and looked after so as not to cause damage or injury and disturbance to other people. Dogs must be kept strictly on a leash and be accompanied outside the campsite to satisfy their physiological needs. Failure to observe the rule will result in the owner being expelled from the campsite. Dogs belonging to dangerous breeds may only enter the campsite following the approval of the Management. CHECK-OUT Bungalows and Mobile Homes must be vacated by 9.30 am, while camping pitches must be vacated by 11.30 am. Upon departure, please leave units and pitches in tidy condition. Later departures shall be subject to the payment of one extra day. CASH DESK Opening hours: 8 am-12.30 pm/4 pm-7.30 pm The balance of bookings must be paid on checking in. Days not booked must be paid for the day before departure. Payments can be made in cash, by ATM card or VISA, CartaSì, Mastercard, Eurocard (no cheques). INFECTIOUS DISEASES All infectious diseases must be notified immediately to the management. CAMPING ADRIATICO di Camping Adria S.r.l. The Management

Cancellation conditions

Days to arrival Proportion (amount or percentage) of the total cost of the holiday to be paid
+60 10%
60 20%