GENERAL BOOKING CONDITIONS OBJECT These are the conditions that govern the online booking service offered on the web property Fumanya, S.A., NIF A08627663, domiciled at C-31, km 186,2, 08850 Gava, Barcelona, ​​Spain. Camping 3 Estrellas Fumanya, SA is the trade name of FUMANYA, S.A. Contact information: 3 STAR CAMPING PO Box 238, 08850 Gavá. Phone: (+34) 93 633 06 37. Fax (+34) 93 633 15 25. E-mail: As a User, you declare that you are of legal age and / or have the legal capacity and that you are acting sufficiently to accept, in full and without reservation, the following General Conditions of Contract. This document is accessible at any time in the lower submenu of the site and at the time of confirmation of purchase and can be printed and stored by the user. ONLINE BOOKING PROCEDURES The booking of accommodation on website is done by following the following steps: 1.- Choice of accommodation The User has on the site of Camping 3 stars, different spaces where to consult the proposed accommodation. When selecting an accommodation, the reservation management window will open, in which will appear the information corresponding to the accommodation: Capacity, number and type of rooms, equipment and photographs. From this window, the user can continue to select other accommodations through the various options available to him. The marked properties are incorporated as "stay" a basket of actions, the user can access by clicking on the text "basket" (at the top right of the booking window next to the "basket" icon) and check the accommodations that are part of your booking basket. If you want to delete one of the parts, the user must go to "My Cart", select the part and mark the "Delete" button. Similarly, to increase the number of units to reserve for each product, you must check the "Duplicate this stay" button. 2.- Realization of the reservation Once all desired holidays have been chosen, you can start the booking process by clicking on the "Book Now" button, and you will be taken to the booking management window. In which the following sections must be completed: - Information of the stay: In this phase, the User will specify for each selected stay the number of people, vehicles, other additional services, promotions and observations on the stay. In this section, the calculated budget of the stay will be displayed. The user will be able to print the said budget - Presentation of personal data: once the data has been provided information stay, the user moves to the next section "Your data" in which the user must provide personal data necessary for booking. Please read the personal data protection notice that appears in these conditions. In addition, in this window, the partial and total budget will be displayed for the selected stays, as well as the amount to be paid on the account. - Payment and summary. The summary of the selected stays, the price per accommodation and the total of all stays and the amount to be paid on the account will be displayed. Prior to payment of the reservation, the user may modify and / or correct the errors in the data entry in the previous section "Stay information" and "Your data" or by entering "My cart" to delete or add stays. The user must make payment of the amount to be paid to the account by credit card, by clicking on the button "Confirm your reservation" or "End your reservation". In this case, you must have accepted these terms and conditions, which implies its irrevocable reading and acceptance. The payment process is done via the payment platform Cyberpack "La Caixa". The User must provide the number, the expiry date and the secure identification code of his card. The card issuer will perform the usual cardholder identification checks and, once identified, the transaction will proceed safely. Once payment has been made, an order confirmation email is sent. 3.- Confirmation of the reservation After the online booking process and receiving the reservation in our system, the user will receive a confirmation email. It is essential that during the booking process, the user indicates a valid email. If within 24 hours of the end of the reservation, the user does not receive confirmation, he must contact Camping 3 Estrellas by the means indicated in these Terms and Conditions PRODUCTS Before the end of the purchase, the user will have at his disposal the description and the characteristics of the dwellings and the image of these from different perspectives PRICES Prices quoted at the time of booking include VAT. In the event of a change in the tax rate between the date of the reservation and the date of delivery of the services, the tax rate in effect will apply at the time of delivery of the services. In case of additional taxes not included in the price, will inform the user at the moment of the rates To obtain them are determined according to the season, the duration of the stay and the services contractados.CONDICIONES reserves of pagolas They can be paid by card of Visa or Mastercard credit via Cyberpack and PayPal platforms. Payments by PayPal and CyberPack are completely safe, 3 star camping does not store any data regarding the credit card or PayPal account of the users.The user has two ways to ask your bill: Send an e-mail to info @ camping3estrellas .com or call (+34) 93 633 06 37.DESISTIMIENTODe in accordance with the provisions of Article 103 of Law 3/2014, of March 27 approving the revised text of the general law of modification the defense of consumers and users, to the exception of the right of withdrawal in the provision of hosting services for purposes other than serve the cancellation vivienda.CANCELACIONESCualquier made after payment of the deposit is established, it will result in the total loss of solicitado.La made deposit cancellation by the user in the ten days preceding the date of arrival gives rise to the following penalties: a) Perception of 50% of the total price of the b) When the cancellation occurs 48 hours or less, before the date ur of the arrival, the penalty will be 100% RESIDENCE TO STAY When the user of the accommodation leaves the unit before the booked departure date, he loses the right to refund the user of days can not perform to Camping 3 stars complaints and claims by means listed above contactoIDIOMASLos in languages ​​that the contract may be executed will be Castilian, French, German or English depending on the language chosen in PERSONALESLos web.PROTECCIÓN data provided by personal data l 'user will be integrated in a file for Camping 3 Estrellas, residing at C-31, km 186,2, 08850 Gava, whose purpose is the management and administration of the services provided to users and customers, the management, the administration, supply, expansion and improvement of the services of the Camping and the suitability to the preferences and tastes of the customers, the respect of the provisions in force concerning the entered e travelers, as well as sending by any means, including electronic, information relating to products and services user empresa.El can exercise his rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition by writing to the Camping 3 Estrellas, PO Box 238, 08850 Gava or by email, enclosing a copy of document proving your identity If during the execution of the contract, the User provides personal data concerning the persons traveling with he must, prior to its inclusion, inform the said parties of the points contained in the previous paragraph and in any case, the object of the assignment. For this purpose, the communication of personal data to third parties is subject to the principle of necessity and proportionality and the communication of current and accurate data, and requires informing in advance and obtaining consent to such third parties for the processing of data to less than a legal authorization of efecto.En if you have booked through an online booking accommodation company, we inform you that your data has been provided by the booking company and incorporated into our records for the purpose indicada.NORMATIVA LEGISLACIÓNEstos law and the terms and conditions of use are governed by the Spanish regulations. In case of divergence in the interpretation, the Spanish version of these terms of use shall prevail over the others, in any other language. For the resolution of disputes that may result from the provisions of these provisions, and expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond, the User agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.

Privacy Statement

PRIVACY POLICY Ownership of the file and data collection The use of the website and any of the services incorporated in it implies full acceptance of the Data Protection Policy of the website. In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the protection of personal data and its development regulations, we inform you that the personal data collected through the provision of services to users (whether visitors or users) registered), are incorporated into the files ownership and responsibility of Fumanya, SA (hereinafter Camping 3 Stars), with registered office at C-31, km 186.2, 08850 Gavá. The data collected is adequate, relevant and necessary for the purpose with which they are treated. The user is not obliged to provide them, but, not providing all the data indicated as mandatory, may imply the impossibility of providing the requested services. Purpose of data processing The personal data collected are treated with the following purposes: - Management of the reservation process. - Management and administration derived from the contracting of our products and services by our clients. - Attention to requests for information, consultations and / or suggestions. - Submission by any means, including electronic means, of information related to the company's products and services. Consent The use of Camping 3 Estrellas services implies the authorization and consent of the user to process their data for the purposes indicated above. The processing of data for purposes other than those indicated in this privacy policy will require the prior consent of the user. Data transfer Camping 3 Estrellas does not transfer data to third parties, unless a Community law or regulation deposits otherwise, or if it is necessary for the provision of the contracted service. Security measures Camping 3 Estrellas has adopted the organizational and technological security measures aimed at preventing the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or theft of the personal data provided, taking into account the current state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, without prejudice to inform you that the security measures are not impregnable. Exercise of rights Users and / or customers can exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition by writing to Camping 3 Stars, PO Box 238, 08850 Gava or email, attaching a copy of the document proving their identity . Last modification of this policy: February 1, 2016

Cancellation conditions

Days to arrival Proportion (amount or percentage) of the total cost of the holiday to be paid
0 30%