Campsite Rules

1. ERF and Company buildings: For you and our safety, it is forbidden to enter the yard and the company buildings without permission. 2. Risk: The stay at our campsite is entirely at your own risk. We assume no liability for theft, damage to your property or any injuries incurred by you. Damage to property of the landlord will be charged by the landlord. 3. Garbage: This can be lost in dense bags in the garbage container. Large waste can be lost at the environmental street in your own municipality. Not here at the campsite! You can keep your garbage separate. 4. Pets: They are welcome if they do not bother other guests. Only Leash And feces of your animal always clean up. 5. Sound: We ask for noise nuisance for other camping guests.Oveel possible. After 22.00 hours rest at the campsite. 6. Auto’s: Parking in the car park. Parking visitors on the road! Cars are on the TerreIn only allowed to place the camping medium. There are also bollard carts to carry your gear. 7. Cycling: Bicycle storage at your own risk! 8. Places: Make sure your place looks neat! where our lawn mower nOT Bijkan, e.g. around the caravAn, like to keep the grass short. You can make use of Our electric lawnmower. 9.  Grondbedekking:Only in the awning allowed!(max 10 cm outside the tent to) 10. Visit: The camper is responsible for his visitors on the camp site. Visitors must park their car on the road. For visit we ask €1.00. The owner settles this with the camper at his departure. Also, the camper is obliged to register on the day of arrival at the administrator for the night register. 11. * If there is someone other than your own in your camping, we will charge you if you are staying. 12. Area: Open fire and damaging of landscaping is prohibited. Barbecues etc. 2 meter Remain. Camp fire only in consultation with administrator. 13. Departure: On your departure date, do you want your place For 11.00 hours So that we can make this place in order for the next campers. If you stay longer that day (only in consultation) then we will charge a half hour. We hope That you leave your site tidy. Please unsubscribe if you are leaving.

Cancellation conditions

Days to arrival Proportion (amount or percentage) of the total cost of the holiday to be paid
+21 10%
21 - 10 50%
10 100%