Environmental stickers: new rules per country (2022)

on 1 Mar 2022

For some years now, environmental zones have been introduced on European roads and in (inner) cities. You can only drive there if you have a sticker or vignette. Many rules have recently changed to varying degrees. In which German cities do you need an environmental sticker in 2022? And which environmental vignette do you need for Paris? We have gone through the latest regulations for you and have made a handy list. One tip, buy your environmental sticker in time. Especially now that the holiday season is almost upon us, the delivery times can be longer than expected.

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Camping in the Black Forest: these are the most attractive places

on 9 Dec 2021

The Black Forest is one of Germany’s most popular holiday regions, especially when it comes to camping and active holidays. The nature here is so diverse and varied that there is something for everyone. That’s why the local attractions are so highly regarded and guarantee a wonderful holiday. We would like to introduce you to the most beautiful destinations and campsites in the Black Forest and in Baden-Württemberg.

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Bußgeldkatalog 2021

New traffic fines in Germany: how much for caravans and motorhomes?

on 9 Nov 2021

Germany’s traffic fines are about to get a lot heavier. The new fines are expected to apply from early/mid November. Speeding fines in particular are set to become much more expensive. To avoid unpleasant surprises when travelling with your caravan or motorhome, here is an overview of the new amounts.

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De mooiste fietsroutes van 2020

9 new cycle routes in Europe

on 15 Oct 2021

Cycling is fun, sportive and healthy, so it’s the perfect holiday activity! But when it comes to cycling, where are the places to be? The Cycle Route of the Year 2020 is in the French Ardèche. Of all the lovely new cycle routes that have been opened elsewhere in Europe, we will show you the top 9 cycle routes.

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From castles to steam trains, the very best of Saxony

on 19 Aug 2021

The great contrast between its beauty and touristic opportunities makes the Federal State of Saxony in Germany an ideal camping destination. On hot days you can relax on beaches by the rivers or lakes, or you can cycle or walk in the nature reserves. On days when the weather is a bit more changeable, there is a large choice of sights and lovely villages. Welcome to Saxony, the region of experiences.

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From Dome to Dragon Egg: Unusual Glamping Accommodations

on 21 Apr 2021

Have you ever stayed overnight in a dome, pod, yurt or treehouse? Or do you prefer a private swimming pool or camping raft? The possibilities for luxurious glamping accommodations are very impressive these days. Numerous campsites offer unusual accommodations that have been designed with humour and style. Feel like a ten-year-old in an exciting treehouse or share a stargazing experience with your loved one in a transparent bubble. We introduce you to the most charming, amazing and fun accommodations!

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