Reviewer: Cornelia Kessel - July 2012

Travelling party: Family with children, various ages
Average rating: 6.8

A nice place. But woe to him who complains. At this point, the staff fails completely. Highness, ignorance and unfortunately also spiteful insinuations ... I can not recommend the place. Details: Every day the cleaning lady locked the entire shower and washroom for several hours (not just single cabins). Everyone who wanted to get in was literally chased away. My complaint at the desk (I admit, after several days I was upset ...) was dismissed with incredible self-importance and ignorance. I then confronted the cleaning lady herself. There were about 20 visitors of the place present. She stood up stubbornly. Later, the receptionist (who was not present) told me that I had tried to beat the cleaning lady. Such monstrosities have never happened to me. I, a thug - if that was not so sad, I would laugh ...

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