Reviewer: Snakkers - August 2012

Travelling party: Family with children <4 years
Average rating: 7.3

We had booked a house for 2 weeks (tithome) but only stayed a week.
This is due to the combination of small children, excessive flying, the warmth and the primitive nature of the house.
The campsite itself is beautiful, large pitches, lots of shade, good sanitary facilities, a nice swimming pool and a nice bar with a resto.
Negatives: The playground is in full sun, the children's pool is such a design pool for the garden, much too high and not suitable for children under 2 and the flies (chickens at the neighbors) spoil a lot. A little fly is part of it, but I am talking about serious nuisance from 7.00 to 21.00. If you go out and do not eat at the tent, it is probably still possible, but it drove us crazy. They sat on the food, on the children and on / in the beds (no mosquito nets in the house). Both the little ones had inflamed eyes at the end. I will never go back to it anyway.

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