Reviewer: 59280 - April 2013

Travelling party: Group of friends
Average rating: 6.8

Me and my friend we are "assaulted" by the director in person during our showers bathing because he said we were too long. So first, I think that when you are directly from a campsite, or not elsewhere, you must show a minimum of diplomacy and politeness with customers. Moreover, at the sanitary level, I personally will not give 4 stars, but 2. These are cleaned once a day (obviously), and in the morning. In the evening we can find razors, hair, traces of mud ... The enamel toilet is very dirty!
The location is ok, the chalet is very good, well equipped.
The entertainment was scarce, and the evening "Disc 'Orée" was not great if you were not 15 years old or younger.
The pool is good, clean. Nevertheless, having to pay to be able to take a carpet, a foam fry or a ball is abused (go to make it understand to the kids).

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