Reviewer: Marion - June 2014

Travelling party: Couple
Average rating: 6.6

"C-Platz is 80% occupied with permanent campers who inhabit some adventurous dwellings!" It has gotten worse and looked - no words.
We were Pentecost 2014 and we were sonicated until late into the night with loud music. The operators do not seem to have the true desire and you always have the feeling to disturb. In the sanitary building and the power supply runs over a 230 volt Schuko socket (no CEE socket) but secured with 16A circuit breakers, one finds the charm of the late sixties again. Which would not be so bad if it were least clean.
The showers are only with tokens (4 min), but it comes mostly HOT water so that half the time has expired before you have the right (acceptable) temperature. Washrooms and toilet were dirty.
The restaurant was not hosted.
The C-square does not end the expectations promised on the website, the pictures and the video are from the year 2008. This C-space is not to be recommended.

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