Reviewer: Van Damme - Tresignie - July 2014

Travelling party: Family with children, various ages
Average rating: 7.1

Making a reservation is of no use because of the (3) double bookings! We had reserved in May '14 for place 36 and upon arrival it was said that it was occupied. We got place 50, which we refused, because we wanted to be on the river. Consequence, place 28 next to plumbing on motorhome block. NIHIL night's rest by hanging kids who destroy everything on the river. For peace and privacy you should definitely not come to this campsite! People simply walk through the NOT defined places, even while you are already there and eating. Connecting the posts with washing thread to mark your place is forbidden. Our kayak was almost stolen twice (thanks to the neighbors to prevent this). After complaint at reception, received money back and drove on.

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