Reviewer: A.Lamper - August 2014

Travelling party: Seniors
Average rating: 6.4

For those who like noise !!!

A beautifully situated campsite where you will receive a warm welcome from the new owners. It therefore stops. Large pitches, poorly maintained and dirty toilets and a lot of noise are the ingredients for this campsite. Everyone does what he / she wants and literally doesn't care about anyone else. The many French people go and play p├ętanque at 12 o'clock at night and do not politely ask for silence, because they laugh at you in the middle of your face. After 7.30 pm the owner and his wife disappear from the site and everyone can go their own way.
Do you like music? Then go to this campsite: twice a week there is an animation evening where music is played with a band content of around 130 dB. Great if you want to end the day at around 10 o'clock! The nicest thing is that the owner dances and shouts the loudest. The owners do not understand that a party does not mean listening to loud music and drinking a lot. They are therefore not going to change anything. For the above reasons, we have seen several people leave early.

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