Reviewer: Rico aus Erfurt (Germany) - May 2015

Travelling party: Family with children <4 years
Average rating: 6.4

It is not a big place with a number of permanent campers. Only in the upper part you will find a house with kitchen and sanitary facilities, but they are really neglected and the kitchen can even be described as greasy. Cook for free! It is a small playground project. There is electricity, but no WiFi.
Located near the VejleFjord, surrounded by fields and plantations, the place is quite quiet, if not at the bottom of a street would go along, which makes the pitch there sometimes unattractive. Basically everywhere well-kept lawn, which can become the solid traction trap after continuous rain (so happened to a VW T6 driver). The staff is mixed, the Nordic cool, he was open-minded and helpful (wanted us in case of getting stuck in the meadow with his truck pull out).
Conclusion: If you do not need a lot of luxury, peace and closeness to nature, this is the place. By Danish standards the price is reasonable. We would use the place again :-)

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