Reviewer: BERTIE - August 2014

Travelling party: Single
Average rating: 7.9

Well that's strange here, there are 2 sanitary houses, one in the front and one behind, which is close to our pitch.
It looks great, but is not usable, the washbasin please large storage options, but woe it was someone before you washing, then here is a lot of very wet and you do not like to wash in the water of the front. In order to avoid something like that, I wanted to be the first one when washing. Unfortunately, the warm water was now missing. I pressed at least 20 times on the water dispenser, the water remained cold, then I always went the long way to the required washhouse, which was quite tedious, here there were no complaints.
Before I forget it in the back wash house, the water was too cold to wash off, we made ourselves warm, so that the fat went off the plate. In the fecal space was so disinfectant appropriate, in the use of the tap you should watch out that does not fall off.
According to information from other campers in the washhouse everything should be normal.

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