Reviewer: Joachim Garrot - October 2015

Travelling party: Seniors
Average rating: 7.4

Great location in a great environment to Lavandou or Bormes. Nice beach and if you get a good parking space impressively. For the first row you probably need a "succession". We stood with our WW in the second row, then the view through the street and the large motorhomes in front of it is limited. In the third row (one terrace higher), the view is very good, but you are no longer close to the beach which is a special attraction. The place is very spacious, from the entrance / reception are some parking spaces more than 1000 meters away. Bike helps. Cast. good infrastructure spec. for kids and athletes. Tennis, football, TT, basketball etc. Negative are the too high prices, the only still open sanitary facilities is not up-to-date, has its best years long, a 5 * - place not appropriate. WiFi only in a few places and way too slow. Loading a daily newspaper takes about 30 minutes and you have to sit down somewhere "jwd". Under these circumstances for a week ok. but no longer, other mothers also have beautiful daughters.

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