Reviewer: Alex - July 2016

Travelling party: Family with children, 4 – 12 years
Average rating: 7.1

The camping pitches are tidy, the area is quiet. The staff extremely friendly and helpful. The plumbing is not new, it doesn't matter, but it is not clean either. That really is not necessary anymore in 2016. Just ask the supplier of the cleaning products, who can perfectly tell you how to remove mold from the bathroom and remove urine marks from the floor tiles. The plumbing presses heavily on the assessment, which is a shame because those are precisely the things where you can score relatively easily as a campsite. And lugging a toilet roll over the campsite ..... I don't think that would be necessary anymore. Throw a little extra on the camping price and hang "normal" toilet paper for your guests. The shower was nice and warm by the way.

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