Reviewer: V. Veen - August 2016

Travelling party: Family with children, 4 – 12 years
Average rating: 5.1

This is a noisy campsite. Especially for the camping spots, the mobile homes are further away from the noise. At the campsite I met several couples who left early or considered this, but couldn't because everything was full. The camping sites are close to the bar, which is open until midnight, despite the fact that their own regulations state that the site must be quiet at 2300. After that people stay seated, and then they walk back and talk. Every night chattering / drinking teenagers walk around the campsite or play football on the field next to the campsite. Complaining makes no sense, they say they have never had a complaint. Down at the lake is a bar, where there are parties every weekend. During our stay a wedding, measured in the tent with a db app. Outliers up to 120db. This party lasted until 0630! The places are nice, but not very flat, which makes it difficult to get along with a large tent. The view is very beautiful. The showers are cold, the boiler has too low a capacity. Fairly clean.
A provincial road also crosses the campsite, where 90 are driven. The swimming pool (paddling pool) is on the other side of the road. This is really a campsite for party goers with teenagers, definitely not for tranquility.

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