Reviewer: Nadine Mertens - July 2016

Travelling party: Young couple
Average rating: 8.1

We were there at the end of July. Our pitch was right on the lake, so we had a comfort place also with ZU / wastewater right on the square. Top plant, very well maintained, also the toilets very clean. But you should not take the daytime toilets but if possible take the chip and use the non-public. Much more pleasant. The only drawback, the restaurant did not have a large selection. But for what the food was delicious. We will definitely go there again. Attention who wants to have rolls must drive into the place and there which buy, or one day before to 17 o'clock pre-order then one can pick which in the kiosk the next morning. Oh yes, the kiosk, if you do not want to leave the place, you should take enough food, is really just a kiosk, with the most necessary as shampoo and toothpaste, bread, sausage or barbecue we did not see there.

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