Reviewer: Elisabeth Böhm - September 2016

Travelling party: Seniors
Average rating: 5.6

As a long-time camper already traveled all over Europe, we have never experienced such a scandalous and dangerous pitch. The pitches are generally crooked and full of mud, so at the slightest rain the campers are stuck with their cars or caravans in the mud, could not drive away and therefore had to be pulled out with the house tractor. The place we had was not so loamy but full of nails and garbage ie the pitches were piled with rubble. 10 cm long nails, screws, broken glass and pointed waste, so dangerous for car tires, lying around. When we complained to the front desk with a Platiksack full of sharp nails, which we had collected alone on our pitch, it turned out that the staff knew that very well. But we got only naughty and outrageous answers. Never again Spaggio d'Oro.

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