Reviewer: Roman Born - April 2017

Travelling party: Couple
Average rating: 6.5

The location of the place and the landscape is very nice. The sea is about 1.5 KM - through the dunes. The places have electricity, fresh water and sewage connection directly at the place. There is a restaurant - was unfortunately closed in our time. Supermarkets are reachable in 3 - 4 KM. The "visible" staff greeted friendly and the front desk was also friendly "occupied".
The sanitary facilities were the stepchild of the place. On the 2nd day of our stay the soap at the hand basin in the toilet area was empty - it was not refilled until the last day (7th day). A paper lattice basket was not even emptied during the 7 days - it was getting fuller - but, there was still something in it. The floor care in the showers and toilets was very sparse - maybe 2x a day. There was also no cleaning protocol. And the whole thing was about the Easter holidays - from Maundy Thursday to Tuesday after Easter.
A place with about 60 tourist sites and 5 sinks, 5 toilets and 5 showers in the men's area, probably trusts that very, many campers are booked, bring their own wet room and use.
For such a place actually a pity.

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