Reviewer: Aileen Nebeling - May 2018

Travelling party: Group of friends
Average rating: 6.9

My grandparents had a permanent caravan on the Chemnizer place for years .... And 4 years ago it was sold to the place owner.
Since you want these rents and get almost a hit.
My stay was awful and HEALTHY.
Dogs with just outside the doorstep
-defective kettle (fire danger?)
Pre-season and dare MUDDY
- no hot water
- Stromschwankumgen and water pressure problems (but these are known for 20 years)
All furniture fell apart, fully equipped it was missing almost everything (but this would be fixed quickly) .... the complete car was in top condition at handover and after 4 years by non-existing cleaning and care .... He is in a catastrophic state and this is unfortunately not an isolated case.

Are you talking to the receptionist about the mistakes? Is it laughed at and just said "It's old-fashioned models" ..... It's absolute junk and also dangerous to your health ...

Do yourself a favor and drive one place further ....

Here guests are not welcome and not treated well .... NEVER AGAIN

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