Reviewer: Wildt - June 2018

Travelling party: Seniors
Average rating: 5.2

We thought this was a DISGUSTING campsite with its 4 stars!
The roads are impassable, especially with caravans, but also for cars and bicycles. We had a 'so-called' water point: an old dilapidated wall with 2 cranes in which the grass and moss grew between the joints of the totally broken tiles. This point was a 100 meter walk for us and served for at least a few hundred people. We went once to see where the dishes had to be done (in a dark basement) much too small and of a grossness where your stomach turned around. Sanitary buildings were nicely decorated in themselves, but with the litter of weeks and limescale of years. You could only leave garbage at the reception, at least a kilometer away for us. Never seen such a BAD CAMPING !!

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