Reviewer: Antje - July 2018

Travelling party: Family with children, various ages
Average rating: 5.8

Arrival time for high season (Sunday 15:00 clock) catastrophically organized. About 2 1/2 hours to arrive at the booked! Pitch to come. The front desk opened punctually after the lunch break at 15 o'clock with a hard-working staff who could not cope with the onslaught alone. Around 4:30 pm, another lady arrived and opened a second seat so that it finally progressed a bit faster.

The promised length of the course (10m) turned out then as only 7.50m. The car could not park with it on the court. The trails are very dusty and unkempt, through the fine dust from the road everything is pretty quickly dirty. The cutting back of scrub with thorns also had to be done by us, so that there was enough space. The connection possibilities for the electricity were only cumbersome to reach, since everything was "zugebaut" by other campers or blocked by hedges.

The biggest hurdle, however, was the small washhouse. We were only showering brands issued, a note, that in the newly renovated shower house so NO shower is missing. There you need a transponder card. So there are different systems on the field. Extremely annoying when you find out in the evening, that a shower house is completely moldy and you are forced to take a shower after a long day of travel and construction. Due to several complaints, the shower house was closed without further ado.

One can see little here that one endeavors to meet the alleged 5-star standard. Only the employee, who was always friendly, earned an award for his job.

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