Reviewer: Miguel - July 2018

Travelling party: Group of friends
Average rating: 5.4

Lousy treatment of the staff.
Only three sinks available.
Only one washing machine worked.
The pool must be paid to enter, it is not included.
If the showers are full, there is no hot water.
The services without paper.
Only one light post for a lot of plots, so when there are no more plugs, they give you an extension with four more plugs, but then the power drastically decreases and it does not cool enough. It is to denounce them because a misfortune will happen. The owner of the campsite does not want to put more light poles for the campers, however, the fixed caravans do not have any problem in this regard only those that we come to spend a few days. In a post with four plugs, in total there were twelve plugs. AN AUTHENTIC SHAME !!!! OJALA CLOSE THE CAMPSITE AND WILL OBLIGUEN TO PUT MORE POINTS OF LIGHT !!!!!!
I will not go to this campsite again.
And to leave at 11:30, we were waiting for 15'a to open the door from outside. A shame.
The hour of silence is not respected after 24h.

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