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Campsites closed due to flooding

Due to the heavy rainfall, several ACSI inspected campsites have experienced flooding. These campsites have had to close their doors temporarily or for a longer period. We wish every campsite the best of luck in the difficult times ahead. 

Here you can view the campsites per country that are currently closed due to the recent flooding.

Please also check the campsites' social media channels for the latest information.


Last update: 26 July at 12:00 pm (CEST) 



Campsite Expected reopening
Camping International Ouren 26 July
Camping Sandaya Parc La Clusure approx. 26 July
Camping Villatoile not yet known 


Campsite Expected reopening
Camp Kyllburg not yet known 
Camping Altenahr not yet known 
Camping Alter Bahnhof end of August 
Camping am Strandbad not yet known 
Camping Denntal not yet known 
Camping Frings-Mühle not yet known 
Camping Goldene Meile open, accessible via Bonn B9
Camping Heilhauser Mühle not yet known 
Camping Nehren-Mosel not yet known 
Camping Nimseck partially reopened
Camping Sahrtal not yet known 
Camping Südeifel not yet known 
Camping Viktoria Station not yet known 
Campinganlage Stahlhütte not yet known 
Campingpark Eifel not yet known 
Campingpark Freibad Echternacherbrück approx. 30 July
Campingplatz Nehren not yet known 
Eifel Camp Freilinger Seegeb partially reopened
Grav-Insel not yet known 
Knaus Bernkastel-Kues approx. 4 August 
Knaus Campingpark Burgen/Mosel approx. 4 August  
Knaus Koblenz approx. 4 August  
Neumagen-Drohn permanently closed
Prümtal-Camping Oberweis not yet known 
Waldcamping Prüm not yet known 
Wellness Rheinpark partially reopened
Winninger Ziehfurt not yet known 


Campsite Expected reopening
Camping De La Riviere not yet known 
Camping De la Sûre not yet known 
Camping Du Barage 26 July
Camping Du Rivage not yet known 
Camping Um Salzwasser not yet known 
Camping Um Wirt approx. 15 August


Campsite Expected reopening
Camping De Oosterdriessen not yet known 
Camping Waalstrand approx. 31 July
Resort Marina Oolderhuuske not yet known 

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