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ACSI Campsites Europe app

  • 9,500 campsites and 9,000 motorhome pitches

  • Free updates with changes and new campsite reviews

  • Can be used without an internet connection

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Finding a pitch has never been so easy!

Try the app for free with 50 campsites around Lake Garda. Like it? Then choose one of the country packages or the complete package in the app and pay for one year’s usage. And you can reserve a pitch directly at an increasing number of campsites using the app.


Expandable with information about motor home pitches

Are you planning on taking your motor home on the road? It's now possible to expand the campsite information you have with information about motor home pitches. Purchase your access to 9,000 carefully selected and inspected motor home pitches throughout Europe, including clear information about substrate, payment methods, and rates.


Use the app on three devices at the same time!

Log in or create a new account, and use the campsite or campsite and motor home pitch information in the app on three devices at the same time! It's possible to download the purchased or unlocked country packages onto different devices.

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Create an account on your first device (or log in with your existing My ACSI account) and then log in with this same account on a different device. The app will be able to tell from the account which country packages can be used. So you can use your app on your Android phone and on your iPad (iOS)!


With the ACSI Campsites Europe app for Android and iPhone you will always find the right campsite. Even without internet access. This campsite app enables you to consult reliable campsite information for 9,500 campsites in 31 European countries, all inspected annually by campsite specialist ACSI.


Save space on your device

The complete app contains extensive information about 9,500 campsites and 9,000 motor home pitches, divided into 9 handy country packages that can be downloaded separately. This way, you only pay for the campsite information that you want to use and you also save space on your smartphone or tablet. Of course, you can also purchase the full package with 9,500 campsites, or with 9,500 campsites and 9,000 motor home pitches, in one go, for a very special price. You will then still be able to download the country packages separately.


Searching for campsites or a motor home pitch with the ACSI Campsites Europe app

There are several ways to find a campsite or a motor home pitch on the ACSI Campsites Europe app.. Are you looking for a campsite with a swimming pool, an entertainment programme, or for example a stopover campsite? You can indicate this easily by ticking the box for the desired amenity. The app contains 250 search filters!


With the ACSI campsite app you can of course also search by country, region, place or campsite name. And, very convenient when you are on the road, you can also find campsites near your current location. Or indicate a location on the map by hand to find campsites near to the place you are headed.


ACSI Campsites Europe app overview

The practical search options and the separately available country packages are only two of the many advantages of the ACSI Campsites Europe app. Camping enthusiasts have many more reasons to love it:

  • Maps, campsite information, and pictures are also available offline

  • You can add campsites and motor home pitches to your favourites

  • Review a campsite in the app and read other campers’ reviews

  • Plan your route; send the campsite’s GPS coordinates to Google or Apple Maps

  • Call or e-mail a campsite by pressing the screen, or visit its website

Discover it for yourself and transform your smartphone or tablet into a campsite guide.

Easily download the app onto your device

  1. Take the device on which you want to install the app and go to Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

  3. Search for 'ACSI Campings Europa' and download the app*. Important: there are several ACSI apps in the store. Select the ACSI Campsites Europa app (see below).
  4. ACSI Campsites Europa app

  5. Try out the app and then purchase a package at ‘Buy & Unlock’.

ACSI apps


In addition to the ACSI Campsites Europe app, ACSI also offers two other campsite apps. Compare them here.


Please note! The ACSI Campsites Europe App does not replace the DVD. It is not possible to filter by CampingCard ACSI rate or by CampingCard ACSI acceptance period in the app.



The app is suitable for smartphones and tablets (Android 5 and above, iOS10 and above).

App instructions

How it works

If you would like to know more about how the app works, read the instructions.

* If you can't see 'ACSI Campsites Europe' in the results, then your device is unfortunately not suitable for this app.

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