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Camp sites in Italy: so much beauty under the sun!

Italian camp sites are amongst the most popular holiday destinations. Not surprising, as this is a country full of contrasts. The country has something for everyone: mountains, idyllic lakes, enchanting towns, rolling fields, beautiful beaches and a wonderful atmosphere for a holiday.

A camping holiday in Italy: a southern passion with amazing contrasts!

What is it that makes camping in Italy so attractive? For a start, the fantastic climate; southern Italy is not called Il Mezzogiorno or ‘land of the midday sun’ for nothing. And every camp site in Italy is different due to the enormous diversity of the countryside. The Tuscan towns are so different to those in Liguria, the farmhouses of Puglia are nothing like those in Emilia Romagna. The lakes and coastline near all the different camp sites in Italy have their own character and ambiance. Lake Garda for instance cannot be compared to Lake Maggiore. Both are so beautiful that they are much sought after destinations for a trip to Italy.

Customs also differ from one region to another, but all Italians have two things in common: a love of eating and beauty! Italian cuisine found its way into everyday cooking in many countries a long time ago (pizza, pasta, ice cream!) but there are plenty of new things to be discovered right there from the camp site. Camp sites in Italy are easily accessible by car or train and connections are excellent in large parts of the country. What is there to stop you from planning a relaxing holiday in Bella Italia?





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