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The 5 most beautiful castles in Saxony

op 1 Jul 2020

Bram Kuhnen

Expressions such as ‘The king to kingdom’ or ‘Sleeping like a prince’ indicate that noble residences appeal to the imagination. It goes without saying that visiting castles and palaces is one of the most popular holiday activities for campers. With 45 top locations nowadays managed by Schlosserland Sachsen, the monarchs of Saxony have shown a particular desire to build. There is no dispute about taste, but these five gems give a good indication of all the beauty that can be found in this state.

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Motorhome rental for beginners. The complete overview!

op 30 Jun 2020

Bianca van Steenbergen

You want to rent a campervan, how exciting! Maybe you don’t have a motorhome (yet) or you want to try something else than a caravan or tent. Whatever your reason, renting a motorhome is a lot of fun. The fun begins with the research. Where would you like to rent motorhome and what type of motorhome are you looking for? Maybe you already have your ideal motorhome in mind. Don’t you know exactly what you need to arrange and what you need to think about? I will be happy to help you with the preparations!

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How can you make great campsite coffee?

op 23 Jun 2020

Tom Haze

We love coffee, but cheap machines and instant coffee are still pretty standard at campsites – which is a shame! It’s so easy and inexpensive to have a great morning cup on your camping holiday. What do you need and what steps should you take? Read our tips and you’ll be making the best coffee at the campsite in no time.

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Camping in Norway

Tips for a camping holiday in Norway

op 22 Jun 2020

Helena Flassak

Norway is the country with the seventh longest coastline in the world. In the east it borders Sweden, but the entire west of Norway has a beautiful, extensive coastline. In the north the country makes a small bend and borders Finland. Its special location underlines the diversity of the country and makes it a varied destination. And with our tips you will be well prepared to go camping in Norway!

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The most beautiful islands of Southern Croatia

op 15 Jun 2020

Bianca van Steenbergen

In the still relatively unknown south of Croatia you will find peace, space and impressive nature. With an average of 2500 hours of sunshine per year unique islands, beautiful beaches and nature reserves, this is an ideal holiday destination. Croatia has more than a thousand islands, of which just a few dozen are inhabited. I would be happy to tell you more about some of these wonderful places, and what you can do there.

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Go on an online holiday with Europe’s best nature webcams

op 25 May 2020

Bianca van Steenbergen

Would you like to look beyond your backyard or the park around the corner? Through these webcams you can take a look at (wild) animals, on beaches and mountain tops. Get transported to beautiful places and get inspired for your next holiday. Are you crazy about animals? Also then we have selected a few nice live streams for you!

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