Spaanse kust

Camping in Spain: Costas and culture

on 13 Jun 2022

A sun-drenched coastline with amazing beaches: this describes the Spanish Costas in a nutshell. Great place to enjoy a camping holiday. But it is also possible to explore inland from your coastal campsite. Wander through picturesque villages and bustling cities, where the aroma of tapas, paella and sangria will greet you. Or become enchanted by the majesty of nature in the Spanish hinterland.

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Lokale lekkernijen

Bon appétit: 5 local delicacies from France

on 31 May 2022

France is known for its haute cuisine, refined dishes prepared with exclusive products. But the country also has delicious local dishes with a few, often very ordinary, ingredients. From east to west and from north to south: in this blog you will get to know the local delicacies that you really must try during your camping holiday in France. Of course, I will also give you a tip on campsites with restaurants where you can taste these delicacies.

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Peschiera del Garda

A journey through camping history: Camping Bergamini

on 23 May 2022

Camping Bergamini is located in the beautiful Italian resort of Peschiera del Garda and was founded by Beppo, grandfather of the current owner Giovanna, in 1954. The campsite is named after the small fishing village that has existed at the location since ancient times.

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Goltzschtalbrucke Saksen

Top 10 most photogenic places in Saxony

on 18 May 2022

Great holiday photos help you cherish the memories of your holiday. And some places simply lend themselves to a great picture. If you are going on holiday in the popular region of Saxony in German, these are the locations where you should have your camera or smartphone at the ready. We introduce you to the Top 10 most photogenic locations in Saxony.

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The flavours of sunny Provence

on 3 May 2022

The Provence is full of culinary surprises. Besides being a sunny camping destination this region is also the place to enjoy the French love of food to the full. The Provence is rich in delicious seasonal and local products. It’s tempting to go to a campsite this very day just to enjoy these Provencal specialities.

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