Disabilities and camping; how best to go about it

on 21 Sep 2021

Bianca van Steenbergen

Camping when you have a disability can be a bit of a challenge. You may need some more time to prepare, it is important to find out what adapted facilities there are on the campsite, and you probably want to know if there are outings you can go on. Not everyone knows how best to go about this. So I talked to Sabine, one of my colleagues at ACSI, who has experience with this.

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Keeping cool while travelling: choose the right cool box!

on 11 Sep 2021

Jeroen Timmermans

Whether you have a long journey ahead, a day at the beach or are going camping in a tent for three weeks, a refreshing drink during your holiday is always a good idea. Cold drinks as well as food stay good for a longer period if you store it at the right temperature. But what is the best way to keep your food and drink cold? And which cool box is the handiest for at the campsite? This article gives you recommendations for cool boxes for every type of holiday.

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From castles to steam trains, the very best of Saxony

on 19 Aug 2021

Marieke Krämer

The great contrast between its beauty and touristic opportunities makes the Federal State of Saxony in Germany an ideal camping destination. On hot days you can relax on beaches by the rivers or lakes, or you can cycle or walk in the nature reserves. On days when the weather is a bit more changeable, there is a large choice of sights and lovely villages. Welcome to Saxony, the region of experiences.

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Budapest: destination for Formula 1 fans and culture lovers

on 28 Jul 2021

Jeroen Timmermans

The annual Formula 1 race of Budapest will take place on 1 Augustus 2021. Real racing fans will be sitting tensely in front of the TV that weekend to see Hamilton and Verstappen battle it out on the Hungaroring circuit. Or perhaps you’re even traveling to Budapest to see the race there live! I have plenty of tips for you if you would like to camp near the circuit.

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