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The ACSI inspection team

The ACSI inspection team

Reliable, objective and up-to-date.

Why is the ACSI guide so popular? Because it contains accurate information. “So what?”, you might think. “Doesn't that go without saying?” No, it does not.

ACSI is one of the few European publishers of campsite guides to revisit all the campsites annually and select those that will appear in the guide in the following year.

Every year, the 319 ACSI inspectors visit over 9900 campsites in Europe. The inspection is based on a list of almost 200 facilities and other points of special attention. The inspectors also carry out surveys among campers staying at the campsite at that moment. In this way, a number of matters can be judged more objectively, such as peace and quiet on the campsite at night.

The ACSI inspection team

When you see an ACSI annual sticker at the reception, the ACSI inspector has affixed this in person. Most other companies just send a sticker by post. Even such organisations as the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) or the German touring club ADAC do not visit and inspect all the campsites included in their guide every year.

There are inspectors still visiting in the beginning of September, so if you visit a campsite before our inspector, you may not find the most recent ACSI annual sticker.

Adjusted opening dates: due to the effects of the coronavirus, many campsites have adjusted their opening dates. The information on this website may therefore be temporarily incorrect. Check the campsite's website or social media for the latest information.