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Navigating to the campsite

Navigating to the campsite

For people using a navigation system, GPS coordinates are almost indispensable. For this reason, Eurocampings shows the GPS coordinates for every campsite. Our inspectors measured the coordinates at the barriers of the campsite, so you are sure to find it!

The ACSI Eurocampings website also allows easy use of the Google route planner. And for those people who still use road maps we give an explanation of the last kilometres to the campsite. Very useful, because not every campsite is located on a main road.

Calibrate GPS coordinates manually

The GPS coordinates are displayed in degrees, minutes and seconds in both the guide and on the website. You can enter the coordinates manually into your navigation system. Check to make sure that your navigation system is also calibrated in degrees, minutes and seconds. There will be an N in front of the first number. There will be an E or W in front of the second number.

These GPS coordinates may not be used for commercial purposes without permission from ACSI.

Route description to the campsite

Not all navigation systems are calibrated for a car-caravan combination. That’s why you will always find in the guide and on the website a route description of the last few kilometres to the campsite. Don’t forget to watch out for the signs. For the shortest route is not always the easiest route!

Google Routeplanner

Using the ‘contact details’ tab on the website you can also plan your route to every campsite using Google Route planner. Click on the link and fill in your departure point.

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