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camp sites in Campania: camping in the area around Naples

On holiday in southern Italy? On you way down south the Campania region is a beautiful area for a long or short holiday. The capital of Campania province is Naples, Italy’s third city. You could easily spend a week or more on a camp site near Naples or on the idyllic Gulf of Sorrento on the Italian coast.

Camping near Naples: a region full of passion and contrasts!

Most camp sites in the Naples area are close to the sea, the Gulf of Naples. When you are camping near Naples you can look across the water from the city and see the volcano of Vesuvius with the famous ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum at its foot. You will be introduced to Neapolitan culture during your stay in Naples, characterised by a separate Neapolitan language and of course a number of typical Italian dishes which originate from this area such as espresso and spaghetti. Not forgetting the pizza or the world famous Italian ice cream that will taste even better on or near your camp site in Campania!

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