These are the camping trends for 2022

on 28 Mar 2022

Camping is booming like never before. Over the past two years, more than one million people have discovered their interest for camping. 2022 will, therefore, be a special year for the camping industry! We have listed all the important camping trends and developments for 2022 for you.

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Peace, space and nature: five places to camp in remote places

on 10 Mar 2022

Remote places have a certain attraction for many people. This is also the case for me. When I am on a camping holiday, I prefer to be surrounded by nature. Views of mountains, a forest or a lake make me happy. And how lucky that Europe is full of campsites in such wonderful places. I’d like to share a few with you.

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Environmental stickers: new rules per country (2022)

on 1 Mar 2022

For some years now, environmental zones have been introduced on European roads and in (inner) cities. You can only drive there if you have a sticker or vignette. Many rules have recently changed to varying degrees. In which German cities do you need an environmental sticker in 2022? And which environmental vignette do you need for Paris? We have gone through the latest regulations for you and have made a handy list. One tip, buy your environmental sticker in time. Especially now that the holiday season is almost upon us, the delivery times can be longer than expected.

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Vroegboeken of bonnefooi

Early booking or camping without an itinerary?

on 21 Feb 2022

So many campers, so many styles. Some reserve a spot for the next year immediately after a great holiday, while others travel around for a few weeks without planning. And that is just fine. Are you still hesitating between the security of early booking or the freedom of a spontaneous camping holiday? We list the advantages and disadvantages for you.

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Bußgeldkatalog 2021

New traffic fines in Germany: how much for caravans and motorhomes?

on 9 Nov 2021

Germany’s traffic fines are about to get a lot heavier. The new fines are expected to apply from early/mid November. Speeding fines in particular are set to become much more expensive. To avoid unpleasant surprises when travelling with your caravan or motorhome, here is an overview of the new amounts.

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Winterreifenpflicht Österreich

Winter tyre requirement in Austria and Switzerland

on 5 Nov 2021

For many people, a winter holiday in the snow is the highlight of the year. Plus, it can be fun to combine wintersports in Austria and Switzerland with a winter camping holiday. But, if you’re travelling through these two Alpine countries, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind – particularly in the winter. Are winter tyres required in Austria and Switzerland? And if so, when? What profile depth do you need, and are snow chains compulsory? You can find the answers here!

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