Rules for winter tyres in Italy and France

on 5 Mar 2020

Bianca van Steenbergen

As with so many traffic regulations, every country has its own rules concerning the use of winter tyres. If you are going to France or Italy for a wintersports holiday, or will be driving through the mountains on your way to a hotter destination, it’s important to go out on the road fully prepared and with the correct tyres fitted to your car. I’d like to explain to you exactly what you need to know about winter tyres in France and Italy.

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How to find your way to a sustainable campsite

on 28 Feb 2020

Bram Kuhnen

We’re all becoming more environmentally conscious. Windmills, solar panels and electric cars: human beings have understood that it is now time to start treasuring our planet. And the type of human being that likes camping is especially aware of this. Because us campers want to be able to continue enjoying the beautiful nature around us! But are campsites working to make themselves more sustainable? I checked out various campsites to see how sustainable the camping business is in 2020. And how guests can easily find a sustainable campsite.

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The underground beauty of Matera

on 12 Aug 2019

Marieke Krämer

Ever heard of Matera? This unique southern Italian city is a fascinating destination for your next city break. Matera has been chosen as one of the two European Cultural Capitals for 2019. And rightly so, because a visit to Matera is a unique experience! We want to tell you why. Get to know the city where some people live in 9,000-year old homes!

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La dolce vita: camp at an agriturismo!

on 1 Mar 2019

Marieke Krämer

Camp amid the rolling vineyards, dine on pasta made with fresh local produce and while away the days relaxing by the pool. That’s what it means to stay at an Italian agriturismo. Farm camping has been turned into an art form here. No frills, just genuine hospitality and a passion for the land that you can only find at small family businesses nowadays. My four agricampeggio tips.

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Positano: a pearl on the Amalfi Coast

on 4 Feb 2019

Jeroen Timmermans

A holiday in the southwest of Italy without a visit to the Amalfi Coast? Unthinkable. The picturesque villages on this world-famous stretch of coast west of the Port of Salerno entice many tourists. And I too became enchanted when in 2016 I caught the boat to Positano, a pearl on the Amalfi Coast. Below I tell you more about my fantastic trip based on the best photos I took.

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