From Dome to Dragon Egg: Unusual Glamping Accommodations

on 21 Apr 2021

Have you ever stayed overnight in a dome, pod, yurt or treehouse? Or do you prefer a private swimming pool or camping raft? The possibilities for luxurious glamping accommodations are very impressive these days. Numerous campsites offer unusual accommodations that have been designed with humour and style. Feel like a ten-year-old in an exciting treehouse or share a stargazing experience with your loved one in a transparent bubble. We introduce you to the most charming, amazing and fun accommodations!

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4 x 4-star campsites in Slovenia

on 5 Jun 2019

Slovenia was the place to go camping in 2018 and this year it’s still very popular with campers. And that’s not just because of the wonderfully varied countryside or the rich cultural history. The campsites in Slovenia too are absolutely able to compete with those in more traditional holiday destinations. Below I’d like to introduce you to my favourite 4-star campsites in wonderful Slovenia!

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Glamping Slovenia

3x glamping in Slovenia

on 7 Mar 2019

Anyone who likes luxury at a campsite has more choice nowadays. Comfortable and attractive accommodation can be found at the loveliest spots on the campsite. A four-poster bed, rain shower, jacuzzi, lounge sofa, airconditioning; nothing is too much. Sometimes glamping is even more luxurious than you are used to at home … I would like to present three campsites in this blog which offer a wide range of glamping options in the top holiday destination of 2019: Slovenia!

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Why is everyone talking about Ljubljana?

on 21 Jan 2019

It’s small, it’s green, and it has historical architecture and trendy shops; Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has it all. And that makes it a perfect destination for an original city break! Visit the castle and the Dragon Bridge and enjoy the pavement cafes, parks and markets. Discover why Ljubljana is an ideal place for a relaxing city break.

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5 reasons to camp in Slovenia

on 27 Mar 2018

I recently heard that Slovenia is becoming more and more popular among campers. An increasing number of people are travelling with their tent, caravan or campervan to this European country. Very small European country. Because at 20,000 square metres, it is one of Europe’s smallest countries. But that says nothing about its vast diversity. With its coastline, many rivers, unspoilt green forests and pleasant cities, Slovenia more that measures...

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Campsites with Wellness facilities

on 13 Dec 2017

A little time for yourself, and some time to relax: that’s what holidays are all about. And what’s the best way of achieving that? By going to a campsite with wellness facilities of course! Just imagine, relaxing in the hot tub, or enjoying a massage – these are just a couple of the possibilities that can help you to really relax and unwind. We’ve put together a list of countries where you can find great wellness...

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