Environmental stickers: new rules per country (2022)

on 1 Mar 2022

For some years now, environmental zones have been introduced on European roads and in (inner) cities. You can only drive there if you have a sticker or vignette. Many rules have recently changed to varying degrees. In which German cities do you need an environmental sticker in 2022? And which environmental vignette do you need for Paris? We have gone through the latest regulations for you and have made a handy list. One tip, buy your environmental sticker in time. Especially now that the holiday season is almost upon us, the delivery times can be longer than expected.

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Caravan huren

Renting a caravan for beginners. The complete overview!

on 15 Jan 2021

Going on holiday with a caravan. For many, the way to go camping. If you don’t own a caravan yet but you are interested, renting may be an option for you. Renting has two major advantages. You find out quickly whether caravanning is something for you and it is considerably cheaper than buying. Let me help you with some handy rental tips! 

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Which ACSI products are right for me?

on 7 Jan 2021

Do you drive your caravan to France or Croatia every year, do you travel through Scandinavia with your motorhome or do you prefer to enjoy the peace and atmosphere of a mini campsite in your own country? No matter what kind of camper you are, with ACSI’s products you are sure to find a campsite that suits you! We’d love to help you find out which ACSI guide or app is right for you

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Motorhome rental for beginners. The complete overview!

on 30 Jun 2020

You want to rent a campervan, how exciting! Maybe you don’t have a motorhome (yet) or you want to try something else than a caravan or tent. Whatever your reason, renting a motorhome is a lot of fun. The fun begins with the research. Where would you like to rent motorhome and what type of motorhome are you looking for? Maybe you already have your ideal motorhome in mind. Don’t you know exactly what you need to arrange and what you need to think about? I will be happy to help you with the preparations!

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Rules for winter tyres in Italy and France

on 5 Mar 2020

As with so many traffic regulations, every country has its own rules concerning the use of winter tyres. If you are going to France or Italy for a wintersports holiday, or will be driving through the mountains on your way to a hotter destination, it’s important to go out on the road fully prepared and with the correct tyres fitted to your car. I’d like to explain to you exactly what you need to know about winter tyres in France and Italy.

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