Keeping cool while travelling: choose the right cool box!

on 11 Sep 2021

Whether you have a long journey ahead, a day at the beach or are going camping in a tent for three weeks, a refreshing drink during your holiday is always a good idea. Cold drinks as well as food stay good for a longer period if you store it at the right temperature. But what is the best way to keep your food and drink cold? And which cool box is the handiest for at the campsite? This article gives you recommendations for cool boxes for every type of holiday.

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How can you make great campsite coffee?

on 23 Jun 2020

We love coffee, but cheap machines and instant coffee are still pretty standard at campsites – which is a shame! It’s so easy and inexpensive to have a great morning cup on your camping holiday. What do you need and what steps should you take? Read our tips and you’ll be making the best coffee at the campsite in no time.

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Hygienic and comfortable: camping with private sanitary facilities

on 11 May 2020

With a toilet roll walking under your arm to the toilet block. Maybe even at night! It’s probably the most famous camping clique there is. But of course that doesn’t have to be reality. For example, on a campsite with private sanitary facilities! There you have your own shower, toilet and washbasin at your campsite. That not only saves you waiting for your turn, you also keep control of the hygiene. Because no matter how nice the neighbours are, you don’t have to share everything!

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Tips for cleaning your camping equipment

on 28 Nov 2019

Whether you have a caravan, motorhome or tent, cleaning is a must for every camper. A thorough cleaning will make your equipment last longer and will make preparations for the next season a bit easier. What should you pay attention to when preparing it for the winter? We’ll list the best tips for each type of camping equipment.

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Where are you planning to hang out this summer?

on 17 Jul 2019

Finally, it’s time for a holiday… Are you looking forward to your camping holiday? Not having to do anything for a while, the sun on your head, a gentle cooling breeze and the sound of a babbling brook in the background. And to complete the picture: relaxing in a hammock. Sounds tempting right? But what is the best hammock to go camping with? And what’s the best way to hang it up? Here are some tips about hammocks.

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