Kamperen met tieners

How to camp with teenagers

on 31 Mar 2022

Gaan kleine kinderen nog zonder problemen mee naar de camping die jij naar jouw wens hebt uitgezocht, bij tieners gaat dat soms net even anders. Tieners hebben hun eigen wensen én eigen mening. Hoe pak je het zo aan dat het hele gezin blij wordt van de komende campingvakantie?

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From Dome to Dragon Egg: Unusual Glamping Accommodations

on 21 Apr 2021

Have you ever stayed overnight in a dome, pod, yurt or treehouse? Or do you prefer a private swimming pool or camping raft? The possibilities for luxurious glamping accommodations are very impressive these days. Numerous campsites offer unusual accommodations that have been designed with humour and style. Feel like a ten-year-old in an exciting treehouse or share a stargazing experience with your loved one in a transparent bubble. We introduce you to the most charming, amazing and fun accommodations!

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Which ACSI products are right for me?

on 7 Jan 2021

Do you drive your caravan to France or Croatia every year, do you travel through Scandinavia with your motorhome or do you prefer to enjoy the peace and atmosphere of a mini campsite in your own country? No matter what kind of camper you are, with ACSI’s products you are sure to find a campsite that suits you! We’d love to help you find out which ACSI guide or app is right for you

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The most beautiful islands of Southern Croatia

on 15 Jun 2020

In the still relatively unknown south of Croatia you will find peace, space and impressive nature. With an average of 2500 hours of sunshine per year unique islands, beautiful beaches and nature reserves, this is an ideal holiday destination. Croatia has more than a thousand islands, of which just a few dozen are inhabited. I would be happy to tell you more about some of these wonderful places, and what you can do there.

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Capital of Culture 2020: Rijeka, ‘Port of Diversity’

on 24 Mar 2020

The Croatian port city of Rijeka is set to be the European Capital of Culture 2020. Until recently, the city was relatively unknown amongst tourists, despite being Croatia’s third largest. But in 2020, things are set to change, and quite rightly so! From picturesque seaside villas to industrial charm in the port area, the city is as diverse as a camping holiday in Croatia. We’d like to introduce you to this exciting port city and share some tips for your visit to the European Capital of Culture 2020.

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How to find your way to a sustainable campsite

on 28 Feb 2020

We’re all becoming more environmentally conscious. Windmills, solar panels and electric cars: human beings have understood that it is now time to start treasuring our planet. And the type of human being that likes camping is especially aware of this. Because us campers want to be able to continue enjoying the beautiful nature around us! But are campsites working to make themselves more sustainable? I checked out various campsites to see how sustainable the camping business is in 2020. And how guests can easily find a sustainable campsite.

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