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The rise of the electric car: an expert explains

on 12 Nov 2021

Due to the increase in the number of electric cars in Europe and the anticipated increase in the future, demand for charging facilities is also going up. How can you prepare for this as a campsite owner? ACSI asked Michel Bayings, consultant and expert in Europe in the field of infrastructure for e-mobility.

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Disabilities and camping; how best to go about it

on 21 Sep 2021

Camping when you have a disability can be a bit of a challenge. You may need some more time to prepare, it is important to find out what adapted facilities there are on the campsite, and you probably want to know if there are outings you can go on. Not everyone knows how best to go about this. So I talked to Sabine, one of my colleagues at ACSI, who has experience with this.

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From Dome to Dragon Egg: Unusual Glamping Accommodations

on 21 Apr 2021

Have you ever stayed overnight in a dome, pod, yurt or treehouse? Or do you prefer a private swimming pool or camping raft? The possibilities for luxurious glamping accommodations are very impressive these days. Numerous campsites offer unusual accommodations that have been designed with humour and style. Feel like a ten-year-old in an exciting treehouse or share a stargazing experience with your loved one in a transparent bubble. We introduce you to the most charming, amazing and fun accommodations!

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Hygienic and comfortable: camping with private sanitary facilities

on 11 May 2020

With a toilet roll walking under your arm to the toilet block. Maybe even at night! It’s probably the most famous camping clique there is. But of course that doesn’t have to be reality. For example, on a campsite with private sanitary facilities! There you have your own shower, toilet and washbasin at your campsite. That not only saves you waiting for your turn, you also keep control of the hygiene. Because no matter how nice the neighbours are, you don’t have to share everything!

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