These are the camping trends for 2022

on 28 Mar 2022

Camping is booming like never before. Over the past two years, more than one million people have discovered their interest for camping. 2022 will, therefore, be a special year for the camping industry! We have listed all the important camping trends and developments for 2022 for you.

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A journey through camping history: Ardoer Camping De Noetselerberg

on 15 Mar 2022

Ardoer camping De Noetselerberg in Overijssel, the Netherlands, looks back on over 50 years of camping history. In 1970, the first owner Jan was granted a licence for a campsite on the farm. The province of Overijssel was sceptical and thought that Jan should rather remain a farmer. But Jan was always looking for something new, and camping was just starting to develop. In the meantime, this five-star campsite is run by the next generation. A piece of Dutch campsite history.

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Peace, space and nature: five places to camp in remote places

on 10 Mar 2022

Remote places have a certain attraction for many people. This is also the case for me. When I am on a camping holiday, I prefer to be surrounded by nature. Views of mountains, a forest or a lake make me happy. And how lucky that Europe is full of campsites in such wonderful places. I’d like to share a few with you.

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Early booking or camping without an itinerary?

on 21 Feb 2022

So many campers, so many styles. Some reserve a spot for the next year immediately after a great holiday, while others travel around for a few weeks without planning. And that is just fine. Are you still hesitating between the security of early booking or the freedom of a spontaneous camping holiday? We list the advantages and disadvantages for you.

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