The flavours of sunny Provence

on 3 May 2022

The Provence is full of culinary surprises. Besides being a sunny camping destination this region is also the place to enjoy the French love of food to the full. The Provence is rich in delicious seasonal and local products. It’s tempting to go to a campsite this very day just to enjoy these Provencal specialities.

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Keeping cool while travelling: choose the right cool box!

on 11 Sep 2021

Whether you have a long journey ahead, a day at the beach or are going camping in a tent for three weeks, a refreshing drink during your holiday is always a good idea. Cold drinks as well as food stay good for a longer period if you store it at the right temperature. But what is the best way to keep your food and drink cold? And which cool box is the handiest for at the campsite? This article gives you recommendations for cool boxes for every type of holiday.

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How can you make great campsite coffee?

on 23 Jun 2020

We love coffee, but cheap machines and instant coffee are still pretty standard at campsites – which is a shame! It’s so easy and inexpensive to have a great morning cup on your camping holiday. What do you need and what steps should you take? Read our tips and you’ll be making the best coffee at the campsite in no time.

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Europe’s tastiest sweet desserts!

on 4 Feb 2020

You know what I enjoy most when I’m on holiday? The food! My favourite thing to do in Spain is just eat tapas all day long, in Italy I go looking for the best ice cream and in France I can’t resist a bit of delicious fromage! But for me, the pièce de résistance, the thing I look forward to most, the highlight of a three-course dinner is… the dessert! So I’m taking you into the world of the most delicious desserts in Europe. The list is sure to set your mouth watering.

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The six most delightful restaurants on Lake Garda

on 8 Feb 2018

Lake Garda: a top destination for both new and experienced campers. Swimming in the clear water, plenty of options when it comes to campsites, lovely Northern Italian towns and villages close by with plenty of things to do. And: no shortage of good restaurants. One of the wonderful things about camping is that you can do so much by yourself. You put up your own tent, tow your caravan to your pitch, do the last bit of shopping in the camp shop...

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