8 irritating things about camping (because yes, occasionally there are some!)

January, 22 2018

Over the years, campers have plenty of experiences. Mostly they have wonderful unforgettable memories from staying at lovely campsites. But every now and again there are things that make you think: I wish that could be different.

Everyone who camps recognises this feeling. However much you love camping, we all come across situations that are a little annoying now and then. Luckily it never gets to the stage where we lose our sense of humour! On the contrary, we are often able to laugh these things off, particularly in hindsight. Here are eight things that we’ve sometimes found irritating about camping. Do you recognise any of them?

    1. Long grass
      Grass that hasn’t been mowed in a long time isn’t always annoying, but it is if it rains. Even if the grass is just a little wet from the dew, you’ll get wet feet as you make your way to the toilet block in your flip flops.

Long grass

    1. Electricity, where are you?

You’ve found the perfect camping pitch…but the power cabinet is a little too far away. Or your power cable is too short, whichever way you look at it. There’s no choice but to move everything. But perhaps buying a longer power cable might be an idea for your next trip!

    1. A campsite isn’t a car park

Of course it’s practical, but if your car is always parked next to your tent or caravan, the campsite can end up looking more like one large car park than a campsite. It just looks less atmospheric. Being able to see the trees in the distance, or looking out over a grassy field is just nicer than looking at rows of cars. But of course, it’s easy for me to talk as I have a motor home!

    1. A quick trip back

Having a card to use the hot water is a really useful system in itself. If you use more than the maximum included in the rate you paid, you’ll pay a little extra. But of course, 9 times out of 10, I’m already standing under the shower before I remember I left my card in my motor home!

    1. Forgotten pegs

They’re difficult to spot, and can be very sharp. Losing a peg you’ve just pulled out of the ground can happen to anyone. But if you leave them upright in the ground it can cause painful accidents for whoever camps on your pitch next. It’s just a little effort to check the ground once you’ve packed away your tent or awning.

    1. Spirit level?

If the ground you’re camping on isn’t flat, you’re likely to be uncomfortable if you’re camping in a tent. Is there any flatter ground nearby? If not, make sure you sleep with your head on the higher ground: that’s the best way not to be troubled by the slope, and you’ll sleep quite comfortably. If you have a caravan or a motor home, you will have to deal with ramps and a spirit level, but making your pitch level is quickly done.
Is there any flatter ground nearby?

    1. Queues

At most campsites, the number of toilet blocks has been calculated according to the number of pitches. Even if it’s busy at the campsite, everyone can take a shower or go to the toilet without waiting for too long. But very occasionally you do have to wait, especially during ‘rush hour’. That’s no fun if you’re desperate!

    1. Empty gas bottle

You’ve done the grocery shopping, and it’s time to prepare a delicious meal. Just as you put the vegetables in to cook, you realise that your gas bottle is empty. Of course, in Europe at least, there are plenty of places to refill your gas bottle, but it is still annoying to have to do so when you’re in the middle of cooking. These days we make sure that we’ve filled both gas bottles up before we leave home.
Gas bottle

Good to know: with a motor home you can easily get through 20 days on 2 bottles of gas if it’s summer, and you have a gas-powered fridge and cook on the gas every day.

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  • Author: Anouk Hulsman
  • Impressive countryside, beautiful towns and cities, nice beaches or villages rich in history, there is nowhere that I wouldn't consider visiting with my motorhome. As an experienced camper, I'm always happy to share my tips for an unforgettable holiday.


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