Camping in Norway; More than Vikings and fjords

October, 7 2017

Vikings, fjords and plenty of mountains. For most people, that’s what probably comes to mind when asked about Norway, but it’s a country with so much more to offer. How about the historic capital of Oslo? Or colourful Bergen? And, of course, there’s the dazzling natural landscape and gorgeous views. Camping in Norway is camping in pristine natural surroundings.

Norwegian fjords and untainted landscapes

It’s almost impossible to stay in one place on a camping holiday in Norway. There’s so much to experience that a road trip is really the best way to see the variety the country has to offer. Head west (Fjord Norway) to marvel at Norway’s iconic fjords, and a trip through the pristine nature of the north is highly recommended. If you have the time, it’s an absolute must. At the northernmost tip of the country you’ll find the magical North Cape and a view overlooking the Barents Sea. With countless national parks, hiking and cycling routes (and even canoe routes) and spectacular surroundings nearly everywhere you look, unique locations are always at your fingertips.

Visit Oslo and Bergen

The cities of Oslo and Bergen can be found in southern Norway. Oslo is the capital and also the largest city in Norway. This historic gem is nestled between fjords and endless forests and boasts a unique combination of vibrant city life and the wild outdoors. Explore beautiful Oslo, visit the Viking Ship Museum or take a walk on the roof of the Norwegian opera house.
The friendly city of Bergen lies on Norway’s western coast, an ideal starting point for exploring the country’s most beautiful fjords. But the city itself is also certainly worth the trip. The plethora of museums, galleries, cultural events, restaurants and cafés mean that Bergen is a lively city. And both the sea and the outdoors are always close at hand.

Camping recommendation

There are so many different places to camp in Norway. Camping in the wild is allowed in Norway, which means you can pitch your tent nearly anywhere that suits you (spots where camping is prohibited are clearly marked). Campsites, of course, come with a number of advantages, and we have put together a list of suggested campsites. One example is beautiful Lærdal Ferie og Fritidspark in the village of Lærdalsøyri. This campsite is an ideal location for a more active holiday in the magnificent outdoors. The natural setting offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling, fishing in the Sognefjord, skiing and even ice climbing up frozen waterfalls.

For a full list of all of Norway’s campsites, visit

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