Experience Euro 2020 at these campsites! – part 1

on 31 Jan 2020

The forthcoming European Cup football championships (12 June – 12 July 2020) will for the first time in history be held not in just one or two countries. No, next year will be a real European party with football matches in no fewer than twelve countries. And as June and July are wonderful months to go on holiday, we have the perfect combination for you: football and camping!

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Camping without plans in France and Spain

on 28 Jan 2020

Some people plan their camping holiday down to the last detail, but others choose the “I’ll see where the wind takes me” mentality. I normally like to plan my trip, but last summer I changed “camp”. With my good friend I travelled to France and Spain without having booked or planned anything. Going where the wind took us, and looking for adventure! Read about how we liked it and which problems we ran into here.

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Winter camping: a how-to guide

on 12 Dec 2019

Camping stopped being a summer-only activity a long time ago. More and more campers are opting to head out during the winter months. Winter camping means you can stay nice and close to your winter sports destination and you can enjoy the winter landscape around you to the fullest. And it doesn’t have to be cold at all. That is, if you do it right. That’s why I’ve collected the best tips for winter camping.

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Winterbanden in Duitsland

When are winter tyres compulsory in Germany?

on 3 Dec 2019

A few years ago, rules for using winter tyres in Germany were significantly tightened. You probably already knew that. But did you know that the rules changed again from 1 July 2020? So it’s time to brush up on your knowledge, especially if you are going on a winter sports holiday this year or travel frequently in Germany. What’s actually the position now? When are winter tyres compulsory in Germany, and what conditions must a winter tyre comply with in Germany?

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Tips for cleaning your camping equipment

on 28 Nov 2019

Whether you have a caravan, motorhome or tent, cleaning is a must for every camper. A thorough cleaning will make your equipment last longer and will make preparations for the next season a bit easier. What should you pay attention to when preparing it for the winter? We’ll list the best tips for each type of camping equipment.

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