The underground beauty of Matera

on 12 Aug 2019

Ever heard of Matera? This unique southern Italian city is a fascinating destination for your next city break. Matera has been chosen as one of the two European Cultural Capitals for 2019. And rightly so, because a visit to Matera is a unique experience! We want to tell you why. Get to know the city where some people live in 9,000-year old homes!

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7 top tips from experienced campers

on 29 Jul 2019

Camping is a skill you can learn. The best thing to do is to just go out and find out what your ideal camping holiday is. But tips from experienced campers are always welcome. We asked camping enthusiasts for their best camping tips and chose our favourite seven.

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Do’s and don’ts on Black Saturday

on 24 Jul 2019

No one wants to start their holiday off by sitting in a traffic jam for hours on end. Of course you can always choose to set off on a different day, but sometimes you don’t have any choice. For instance the accommodation you’ve booked might have fixed arrival days. I’ve compiled a few do’s and don’ts for the infamous Black Saturday in France, and also a few tips for if you do end up in a traffic jam.

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Enjoy camping in the Hérault

on 23 Jul 2019

The Hérault is a region of France with all the ingredients for a relaxing camping holiday. A varied landscape, comfortable campsites, atmospheric towns, delicious food, great weather and friendly people. I was there last in April. I discovered street art in Sète, a botanical garden in Montpellier and a local market in Sommières. I’ll share my tips with you in this blog!

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Let’s go to Seville: a city break to be enjoyed

on 18 Jul 2019

The city has really stolen my heart. I lived and studied here for six months, and two years later, I returned for a few days to what is Spain’s most beautiful city, if not the world’s most beautiful city. I’d like to take you along on my city break to the most impressive squares and most significant sights the city has to offer.

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Where are you planning to hang out this summer?

on 17 Jul 2019

Finally, it’s time for a holiday… Are you looking forward to your camping holiday? Not having to do anything for a while, the sun on your head, a gentle cooling breeze and the sound of a babbling brook in the background. And to complete the picture: relaxing in a hammock. Sounds tempting right? But what is the best hammock to go camping with? And what’s the best way to hang it up? Here are some tips about hammocks.

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