Romantic camping: 8 campsites that will give you butterflies in your stomach

March, 12 2020

Camping can be incredibly romantic in itself! You spend the days together and nights surrounded by natural beauty. But some campsites give you the sense that cupid has really outdone himself. We’ve hand picked eight romantic campsites in eight gorgeous countries for you that you’re guaranteed to enjoyed (with each other).

There are some campsites that will make you spontaneously fall in love. How about camping by a lake that’s straight out of a fairytale? Or would you rather stroll hand in hand through adorably picturesque villages? There are all kinds of campsites to fall in love with! These are eight of our favourites.

Cosy campsite on a picturesque Croatian bay

Camping Mon Paradis

Enjoy waterfront at Campsite Mon Paradis in Croatia

Campsite Mon Paradis is wonderfully quiet and friendly. You can escape the hustle and bustle together, enjoy the lovely seaside, and stroll along the picturesque Vestar Bay. The romantic harbour town of Rovinj is only 6 kilometres from the campsite. With charming streets and highlights like the St. Euphemia Church and the city museum, this one is definitely worth a visit.

Fairytale lake in the Julian Alps

Camping Bled

At Campsite Bled in Slovenia, the view will give you butterflies.

A picture is worth a thousand words. At enchanted Lake Bled, with the impressive Julian Alps as a backdrop, romance abounds on every side. Wow! There are plenty more sights to explore in the area surrounding Campsite Bled. Relax in your own tent or caravan, or book a luxury lodge. That’s one way to truly pamper your sweetheart, and don’t forget a glass of delicious Slovenian wine!

Tranquillity in the spectacular Scandinavian countryside

Trollveggen Camping NAF

Crystal clear water and impressive mountains at Campsite Trollveggen NAF in Norway

Camping in the untouched Norwegian countryside is breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains of the Romsdalshorn and the Troll Wall are guaranteed to lift your spirits, literally or figuratively, because you can also spend some time watching climbers scale the steep walls. At Trollveggen Campsite NAF, you’ll find tranquil surroundings, beautiful countryside, and scenic hiking trails. Enjoying this amazing view together is sure to be the height of romance!

Hand in hand through romantic Maastricht

Camping Oriëntal

At Campsite Oriëntal, you can camp right by romantic Maastricht

If it’s a romantic city trip you’re looking for, Maastricht is the place to be. Stroll together through the city’s quaint squares and historic streets. There are beautiful buildings and fantastic restaurants on virtually every corner. At Campsite Oriëntal you’re just seven kilometres from the capital of Limburg. And after a busy walk around the city, you can take a dive into the campsite’s indoor or outdoor swimming pool together.

Explore castles and enjoy the waterfront together

Camping Loreleyblcik

Enjoy a boat trip at Campsite Loreleyblick in Germany

Oh the beautiful, historic Rhine. At Campsite Loreleyblick you’ll be perched right on the edge of this gorgeous river, watching the boats pass by together. With Sankt Goarhausen, Bacharach, and Burg Eltz nearby, there are plenty of options for fun-filled, historical excursions. You’ll feel like a king and queen at Romantik-Schloss Burg Rheinstein castle.

Mediterranean Sea and sparkling cities

Camping Les Gorges du Loup

The stunning views of Les Gorges du Loup campsite in France

At Campsite Les Gorges de Loup, you can look out across the French mountains and the Le Loup River every day. The palm trees, colourful flowers, and peace and quiet make this campsite a fantastic choice for you and your valentine. There are plenty of different ways to do romance. Both the Mediterranean Sea and the cities of Nice and Cannes are less than an hour’s drive away. Don’t forget the medieval town of Grasse, famous for its many perfume shops – an ideal spot to pick out the perfect present.

Italian oasis of tranquillity

Kokopelli Camping

At Kokopelli Campsite in Italy, you will find peace and quiet and beautiful hiking trails

Some lovebirds want as much luxury as possible, while others prefer to fly free in the outdoors. If you’re more of a free flier, Campsite Kokopelli is perfect for you. You can head out on gorgeous hikes in the Majella National Park wilderness area straight from this naturally terraced campsite. The campsite doesn’t have fixed pitches and is ideal for tent campers. Amenities are limited, but there are no limits on how much you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet – and each other.

Daydreaming in the Portuguese countryside

Camping Cepo Verde

Cepo Verde Campsite in Portugal is located at the heart of a beautiful nature preserve.

At Campsite Cepo Verde, you can camp at the heart of the Montesinho Nature Preserve. Set up camp under the shade of centuries-old chestnut, oak, and cherry trees. With only forty pitches and a few charming rental accommodations, there’s always peace and quiet here. Enjoy the swimming pool, explore the wine cellar, and picnic together at the charming mill. In addition to the nearby romantic, authentic villages, the historic city of Bragança is also worth a visit.

Even more campsite romance

What do you prefer when it comes to more romantic camping? The peace and quiet of a small campsite, or is butterflies in your stomach at a campsite by the sea more your style? Is the way to your heart actually through your stomach? Our blogger, Lucia, reveals the 10 most delicious European desserts to enjoy together.

We’d also love to hear about your romantic stories and holiday tips. Did you meet the love of your life on a camping holiday? Or do you know the perfect place to take your better half? Let us know!

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