75 years after D-Day: visit the festivals and commemorations

on 27 May 2019

Bram Kuhnen

On Thursday 6 June 2019 it will be exactly 75 years since the Allied troops set foot on the Normandy Beaches. D-Day. A military operation that would change the world and which marked the beginning of the end for the Nazi regime in Western Europe. If you plan to go camping in Normandy between 25 May and 16 June it will be almost impossible not to notice some of the commemoration and festivals. I’ll give you a few advance tips so you won’t miss anything.

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Countryside versus city

on 9 Apr 2019

Marieke Krämer

Do you prefer to camp surrounded by nature, or in a large city with an abundance of culture? A difficult choice of course as there’s plenty to be said for both. And fortunately, one does not exclude the other. Take a look at these two lovely campsites – one in Greece and the other near Vienna.

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Emissions stickers: the rules for each country (2019)

on 8 Apr 2019

Jeroen Timmermans

Environmental zones have been established in many European (inner) cities since 2016. You can only drive into these areas with a special sticker. These rules have changed a little in recent times. That’s why I decided to incorporate all the latest legislation into a handy overview. There’s one tip I can share straight away: make sure you buy your emissions sticker on time. Particularly now that the holiday season is approaching, the delivery time may be longer than expected.

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Greetings from Esther: ‘Valence is like a second home’

on 29 Mar 2019

Esther Schaap

I think I’ve spent around six of my last ten holidays in the vicinity of Valence. This French city is tucked in between the Ardèche and the Drôme, on the Route du Soleil, just below Lyon. I love this region: the views of the Rhône Valley, the surrounding towns, the beautiful nature and the delicious food. It feels a bit like a second home. And if you maintain a good speed, you can drive there in a day.

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This is why kids love camping

on 26 Mar 2019

Marieke Krämer

Do you have some great memories of camping holidays from your childhood? But now you have young children of your own, do you have doubts about going on a camping holiday with them? Let go of any doubts you have: I’ll give you five reasons why it’s a great idea to go camping with young children.

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Meintje and Camiel’s top 5 sights in Istria

on 21 Mar 2019

Meintje en Camiel

Meintje and Camiel are real campers. Together they have holidayed in many countries with a tent or trailer tent, and nowadays they travel with a motorhome. They visit all the best spots and share their photos on Instagram. One of their favourite holiday destinations is Croatia, especially the province of Istria. Read their tips about the most beautiful sights in this region.

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