Campsites with Wellness facilities

on 13 Dec 2017

A little time for yourself, and some time to relax: that’s what holidays are all about. And what’s the best way of achieving that? By going to a campsite with wellness facilities of course! Just imagine, relaxing in the hot tub, or enjoying a massage – these are just a couple of the possibilities that can help you to really relax and unwind. We’ve put together a list of countries where you can find great wellness...

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How to find the ideal campsite

on 12 Dec 2017

There are over ten thousand campsites in Europe alone. But how do you make sure you book a pitch at the right campsite? Read on and let us help you in your search for that one campsite where you will have the perfect holiday!   Step 1: The destination For many people, an important part of being on holiday is not thinking about home. Being in a different environment helps with that a great deal. You don’t have to travel too far for that...

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Camping near to the most beautiful waterfalls

on 25 Nov 2017

On World Waterfall Day, we’re taking a moment to reflect on this natural wonder. The water that flows from a great height, the fog and the mist this causes, and of course the loud splashing sound it makes when it reaches the bottom: there’s something magical about waterfalls. We often associate waterfalls with faraway places and tropical destinations. This is of course partly true, but did you know that there are plenty of...

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10 destinations with a remarkable history (part 2)

on 14 Nov 2017

Two weeks ago, we looked at 5 destinations in France, Croatia, Germany, Italy and Austria with a remarkable history. In part 2, we will look at historical destinations in four new countries, plus a second stop in Germany. Be inspired for your next camping holiday! Missed part 1? Please click here. 6. C-Mine, Genk (Belgium) Belgian Limburg, the Flemish province bordering the Netherlands, is former mining country. The mines stopped their...

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A comfortable night’s sleep on your holiday

on 10 Nov 2017

A bad night’s sleep? Waking up with back pain? These are some of the biggest myths about camping these days. There are now plenty of ways to improve the comfort of your night’s sleep on holiday. Whether you’re camping with a caravan, motorhome, or tent, there’s sure to be a solution for you! Find a comfortable mattress or airbed that fits your needs, and you can go camping assured that you will have a great night’s...

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Don’t give scammers the opportunity to spoil your holiday!

on 10 Nov 2017

Camping is fun and relaxing, and campsites often take on a very friendly atmosphere. But, just like at home, you have to be very careful what you do while on holiday. You have no doubt heard the horror stories about scammers abroad, maybe you have seen TV programmes about them. And, like everyone else, you’ll have thought “that will never happen to me”. It’s quite unlikely that you will be bothered by a scammer while...

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