The Dolomites: the place to put on your walking shoes

November, 23 2018

Crystal clear lakes that contrast with the high, white rocks of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. That’s your view when you camp in the southernmost part of the Alps: the Dolomites. It is a favourite place for many hikers who enjoy the incomparable scenery, the delicious food and the friendly people. But which spots should you visit during your holiday to the Dolomites? And what can you do besides walking? Read on!

Walking walhalla

The Dolomites are actually petrified coral reefs that millions of years ago were submerged in the ocean. When the water subsided, the reefs appeared. The wind eroded the reefs, causing those rugged and unusual peaks to dominate the landscape. But that wasn’t the only result, it also caused a wide variety of landscapes for hikers to enjoy. From vast Alpine valleys to crystal clear lakes and pine forests. This diversity attracts countless holiday-makers to the area every year.

Drei Zinnen

But there are some spots that stand out from the others. Between the Brenta Dolomites and Adamello, for example, you will find two types of rock within 20 kilometres of walking. If you want to walk here, you can use campsite Madonna di Campiglio as a base. There is also skiing here in the winter, and the area is becoming increasingly popular among mountain bikers in the summer.

The Tre Cime (three peaks), also known by their German name ‘Drei Zinnen’, are easily a match for the Brenta Dolomites and Adamello. These three characteristic towers of rock look down on you ominously from the footpath. This area also attracts mountaineers.

If you would like to do multiple walks from one place then you are best off driving to the Rosengarten Mountains. The special thing about this area is that the rock formations turn pink in the summer when the sun goes down, reminiscent of a rose garden, hence the name!


The nice thing about hiking in the Dolomites is that you can also take multi-day walks. There are mountain huts where you can spend the night at the most beautiful spots. This way you can wake up the next day with an unparalleled view and continue the trip again.

Jewels of the Dolomites

So it’s just mountains, mountains and more mountains? Certainly not. In the Dolomites you will also find lovely villages that are more than worth a visit. Like Misurina. This village, located at 1.754 meters, is situated on the lake of the same name. The combination of the village next to the pure water leaves a special impression. But Tirolo, just above Merano, is just as charming, and a must-visit! The village has a fantastic view over the Merano valley.


Nearby campsites

There is nothing like having your own home with you when you spend your holidays in the Dolomites. After a long day of walking or visiting a town, you can sleep in your own bed in the evening. But which campsite should you choose? We have selected the best campsites in the Dolomites for you. Often you can also visit these campsites in winter, which allows for real winter camping!

What is your favourite spot in the Dolomites? Let us know by leaving a comment!

  • Author: Esther Schaap
  • Esther is a huge travel enthusiast, whether it's a city trip or a camping holiday. She has just one requirement – the area must have enough museums and ancient architecture for her to get her 'dose' of culture. She loves to go to France, Spain and Italy.


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