How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning at the campsite

on 6 Nov 2017

It’s not something you hear about often, but people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning in Europe is still too common. Unfortunately, it’s something I read about in the news almost every year – campers who have become unwell from carbon monoxide poisoning in a caravan, motorhome, or sometimes even in a tent. Luckily, there’s lots you can do to minimise the risk of poisoning, with good maintenance, vigilance, and...

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camping with your baby

5 things that suddenly change when you start camping with your baby

on 3 Nov 2017

Camping is amazing, we already knew that! And when a new member of the family starts joining your holidays, it’s still fun to camp with the whole family. But you’ll need to make a few adjustments to make sure camping with your baby is a good experience. We’ve put together a list of the five key points to help you be a bit more prepared: 1. Your travel planning You’ll notice that things are different than they used to be,...

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10 destinations with a remarkable history (part 1)

on 31 Oct 2017

Many destinations in Europe have a remarkable history. Places that have become the stage for important cultural and political events. We have drawn up a list of 10 of these destinations, all with great campsites nearby so you can enjoy a camping holiday with a healthy dose of culture and history! The first part comes this week, the second part will be available in a week or two. 1. Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy (France) This castle, located slightly...

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Completely new: ACSI Camping Tours

on 19 Oct 2017

The new ACSI Camping Tours website has been launched! On this fresh new website, it’s now even easier to find your perfect camping tour, as we’ve improved and expanded the search function. On www.acsicampingtours.co.uk, you can choose from 7 unique camping tours, including 4 new tours to France, Sicily – Malta, Czech Republic – Poland, and The Pinnacles of Europe. Quickly find your perfect camping tour We’ve...

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Motorhome rules in Spain: what do I need to bear in mind?

on 17 Oct 2017

The Spanish Costas, cities like Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, the Mediterranean climate or the countryside and the Spanish interior. We can all find a reason to visit Spain, and every year thousands of Europeans head for this beautiful holiday destination with their motorhome. But what about the traffic rules in Spain? When travelling in Spain with your motorhome, what are you allowed to do, and what aren’t you allowed to do? Traffic...

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Help! Which peg do I need?

on 17 Oct 2017

Whether you want to set up a compact pop-up tent, the large awning on the front of your caravan or the canopy on your motorhome, you can’t do it without pegs. Anyone who’s regularly pounded those long, skinny devils into the ground knows that not every peg is right for every surface. That means that the standard pegs that often come with your tent aren’t always the best option. With so many options on the market, buying the...

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