Winterbanden in Duitsland

When are winter tyres compulsory in Germany?

on 3 Dec 2019

Bram Kuhnen

A few years ago, rules for using winter tyres in Germany were significantly tightened. You probably already knew that. But did you know that the rules changed again from 1 July 2020? So it’s time to brush up on your knowledge, especially if you are going on a winter sports holiday this year or travel frequently in Germany. What’s actually the position now? When are winter tyres compulsory in Germany, and what conditions must a winter tyre comply with in Germany?

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Tips for cleaning your camping equipment

on 28 Nov 2019

Tom Haze

Whether you have a caravan, motorhome or tent, cleaning is a must for every camper. A thorough cleaning will make your equipment last longer and will make preparations for the next season a bit easier. What should you pay attention to when preparing it for the winter? We’ll list the best tips for each type of camping equipment.

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5 golden rules when motorhoming in France

on 12 Sep 2019

Jeroen Timmermans

Like in the UK, the traffic rules for campervans and motorhomes are, in many cases, different in France. This can sometimes lead to ambiguous situations because, for example, how do you know where you can park your motorhome overnight? And what about the road signs that say motorhomes are not welcome? The following five rules will make camping in France un jeu d’enfant (a piece of cake).

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Seven amazing camping hacks

on 29 Aug 2019

Eva Roes

Loud zippers, itchy mosquito bites and tents that get a little too hot in the summer sun … Every camping enthusiast knows these little annoyances. Here are seven tips on how to reduce those little daily annoyances at the campsite. Let the holiday begin!

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5 practical tips for your camping checklist

on 15 Aug 2019

Bram Kuhnen

Many campers use a checklist when packing their holiday bags. It’s a clever thing to do, because that way you can be sure you’re not forgetting anything. If your checklist is complete, that is! You will have remembered to write down the sleeping bag, torch, clothesline and pegs, but did you think about these five items as well? Not the first things to come to mind, perhaps, but very practical to have with you!

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Reduce the risk of a holiday breakdown

on 12 Jul 2019

Bram Kuhnen

You are slowly making your way towards your campsite and your holiday destination is finally almost in sight. Everything is going smoothly, but suddenly all hell breaks loose. A red light on the dashboard starts flashing and there is smoke coming from the bonnet. Car trouble! Could you have prevented this? Of course you can’t prevent everything, but with these tips the risk of breaking down on the road will be a lot smaller.

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